Never Again

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This is actually an idea I had for a more grounded comic book series. What I'm about to post is the first few pages of the first issue.

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



Scene: opens to completely black panel with each panel getting just a little bit lighter, to reveal a woman bound and gagged in a car trunk.
Narrator: Silence. For most, it symbolizes the end of a rough day. Relaxation when your child finally falls asleep, or when your in-laws leave after a painfully long holiday dinner. Silence brings peace for most, but not for her. For her silence comes from the opposite side of a cold, dark trunk. Silence for her is when the engine finally stops dragging her away from what she knew. To her, silence brings the unknown.
Scene: Trunk lid opens to a bright light and a silhouette of a large man.
This will also act as the introduction page. Above his silhouette it will say “NEVER AGAIN”. Below his waist (where you would see the inside front of the trunk) is where the credits will be. 
Narrator: For her, silence brings……him.
Page: 3
Scene: A view from above of what looks like a docking area with a barely noticeable path into the woods.
Narrator: He pulls her out with little regard to her comfort. The path he takes has drag lines, she is not his first. She wonders, “Why is this happening to me?” . She looks up at the back of his head, as if she was hoping for an answer. The tight ropes around her wrists made for a convenient hand for the brute. He moves so matter of fact that you would think he was just having a leisure stroll through the woods. At this point she has stopped resisting, and is now paying more attention to the street light as it gets dimmer the farther away they get from the dock. They stop. She can’t see, but they have reach what looks like an old storage shed.
Scene: View from the back with the small storage building’s door up, with him stepping into it. You can see nothing but black from inside.
Narrator: That dying light will be the last thing she will ever see.


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