Failure is not an option

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Basicly what I write on is facts about life , different every day stuff we all deal with

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



Failure is not an option ,don't choose the easy way out cause you will fall ....

Good evening everyone :)

My lesson today goes on facts about life . Yall might know be by the name mimi or constance either way both are my names . What is life ?talent?art? Beauty and everything u need to know . I'm going to use music as an inspiration because I can relate to it and hopefully you readers can too . Okay , so we've all failed a couple times in our lifes or should I say A LOT of times but what is that really ticks us? How the hell does the human brain work and what goes on in that mind of yours . Now I'm not into biology I used to be because as a certain my biology teacher isn't one of the best teachers that I would say should give biology classes ,but anyway my point is let's not go into too much detial . I've always wondered you know why the hell do I suck at this ? Why can't I do maths? Oh my gosh I suck . Truth is I hate it and most people do but then again we all aren't the same . You might be good at something I'm not so what?! Nobody said your a failer ! You the one that put that thought in your head at first . I mean let's be realistic failure is not an option yet ...we all have failed at times before but here's my question . What's failure when you don't learn from it ? And how are we going to learn if we don't fail ? My opinion is we fail so the next time we do it , we do it right and if we continue to fail then keep on trying till you get it right . No one said it was going to be easy , okay . Honeys out there failure and giving up is for the weak . Yes you don't want to be in school ! SO WHAT ! You don't want to sit on the street begging for money either . So I guess you have to work right , yeah I guess so too . I don't only speak for otheres but I speak for myself too. I'm not perfect and I know that but there are certain qualities and aspects that I'm not good at but there are others I'm good at . I choose to do what I love because I don't want to be miserable my whole entire life . \" My mom said I won't get money out of that job \" , who said its for money in the first place ? I bet you there are thousands of people out there whose parents said they won't get far but you know what they did because its what they love to do and when you love doing something you'd give it your all . You might break and fall to the ground but you yes you only you can decide what's best for you . Weak or strong we all have something in common and that's dreaming . Dreams do come true but only if you make them come true . They won't be handed over to you . If you fail once and become a failure then maybe your not meant to do anything . What would the world be without dreams ? Nothing . Its the inspiration,strenght,love and faith that brings us all together to make this world a better place . Live on okay . Your life is not a game , you don't live twice , you live once and what you leave on this earth as a memory is up to you . Just don't leave this world with some negativity , be a rolemodel , someone young kids could look up too not someone who made people doubt about their existance and their dreams cause you couldn't live yours up . This is all I'm writing for the night . Thank you for reading this and what you decide to do after this up to you but don't choose to be a failure . I'll be talking about the other topics later and I hope you have a good day/ night . Love u all Ps. Mimi loves you always .

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Failure is not an option

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