The Hand

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A short story I wrote a couple years ago.

Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013




The Hand

It all started with a strange text message which Ed received. The words were all jumbled and did not make any sense at all! He was still anxiously looking at the phone when he walked into the kitchen. His parents were waiting for him
“Ed we need to talk” said his mom
His droopy look on his face changed to serious which wasn’t very often. He ran his hand through his long hair and sat down
Ed’s whole life had changed after that discussion. He was very disappointed with his parents he thought perhaps they would consult him before making his life change completely. He wasn’t a kid anymore. He realised the friends he had now he probably wouldn’t have forever he had already figured that out between his series of different best friends but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to miss them!

He looked around his new bedroom. The walls were painted a light pink but underneath the wallpaper was peeling off. The Pink Palace he grinned to himself. A single bed was slung into the corner with pale sheet. There was no colour which was what Ed was use to. His old bedroom had shown his personality on the walls by the dark red paint splattered colour mixed in with specks of paint from using up all the spare paint left to Ed’s enjoyment he was allowed to paint his room any colour. He had contemplated black but then thought perhaps he may be hitting on the emo side even if he was some times recognised as one by his appearance, people usually got the opposite idea of him once they spoke to him. He was basically the class clown which he thoroughly enjoyed because he got to entertain but he also did the work too. His old bedroom was covered with posters. He continued to stare glumly around before beginning to unpack. He was not impressed at all! His phone beeped again when he took out his first garment of clothing.

Ed began his new school ‘St. Edwards’ (Ed insisted on going because “it was in the name”) on Monday. He got dressed in his grey trousers, navy school jumper and sky blue shirt. The grey trousers looked like three quarter lengths on him. His mother within the short notice could not get a longer pair,
“Great! Gonna get bullied on the first day” he thought
The jumper had stains and was also too short. He looked at himself in the full length mirror. He looked ridiculous. His a bit longer than ear length hair was a complete mess and no matter how much he brushed it, it would not reason. His tall lanky figure was incredibly exposed in the clothing. The white socks did not match with the shoes and he could not find a navy pair. He tucked his trousers into his socks and put on a base ball cap. He grinned at himself in the mirror. He arrived downstairs
“Ed what the hell?? What’s with the socks and hat?” asked his mom Janice
“I’m going for a new look”
He grabbed his bag and left. Janice sighed after him but then burst out laughing. Ed’s father Pete had already left and gone to work so she was left with the housework and the shopping. As usual. Being left alone in the ‘new’ house gave her the creeps which she did not particularly enjoy. This was the only place where Pete could get a job, like it or lump it. The house was the only one in the area they could find.

Ed entered his classroom but was met with sniggers. He kept the grin on his face anyway
“Class, this is Ed Donnoly” said the teacher introducing him with a smirk on his face
Ed sat down in the free seat next at the back next to a gothic looking girl. Her side fringe covered her pale face and her eyes were a deep shade of brown just a bit lighter than her hair. Her eyes were heavily outlined and her face was a ghouly white. She had a plaster on her eyebrow which Ed couldn’t help noticing.
“Er.... What happened to your eyebrow” he asked trying to make conversation
He instantly began to regret it when she looked up and glared at him
“Do you know how stupid you look with your socks tucked in and a hat” she asked
“It’s called freedom of expression”
She shrugged and he began to feel uncomfortable which was also unusual. He took of his jacket and placed it behind his chair.
“It’s a piercing” she said
“The plaster on my eye brow
“Oh right I’ve got an ear piercing”
“Of course you do!”
“What’s that meant to mean”
She raised her non-pierced eye brow
“Is this gonna be heavy” he grinned
“What’s that meant to mean?”
“Exactly” he smirked
His phone beeped
“You better switch that off before he comes back”
Ed took out his phone. It’s another text message. He shrugged and turned it off. Probably just someone trying to mess with his mind. He yawned and swung back on his chair

Alison was actually quite nice and extremely talkative once you got to know her. She looked suspiciously at Ed. He appeared to be quite nice and an alright guy minus the socks and hat but she was not too sure there was something different about him. He must have been the first guy not to come on to her and she was grateful just to have him as a friend too many hurt and bad experience. Ed went around with a lunatic grin on his face where ever he went. Any insults thrown at him would bounce right back off. The bullies did not even dare to touch him. He walked about with his head high, his shoulders back and he felt so powerful. He did not look strong at all he was quite scrawny but tall. Alison had been amazed he had spoken to her and not asked her out or made some sexual reference to her. He still looked like an idiot though....
“Edward Donnoly to the principal’s office” called the intercom
Pete was waiting for him looking extremely upset and distressed.
“Ed you have to come home” his dad said

Ed put the key into the old house his mom had left him. He still could not believe it but the weird thing was, he received the strange message just as his mom took her last breath. She had had a heart attack. Doctors were still trying to find out what triggered it to happen as she was quite young and had no heart problem and neither had her family history
“Ed you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to” said Alison
Her hand rested on his shoulder. He had grown accustomed to her touch but he could feel his heart beat faster as he began to have deeper feelings towards her. Alison and him had become quite close since the death as she knew what he was feeling because her dad had died recently.
“I’ll be alright” he assured her
He turned the key and opened the door. The smell of musk hit him right away
“I have to go in” he decided immediately
“I’m going with you” she said firmly
“You don’t have to” he protested
“I know”
The light still worked when Ed switched them on but then they flickered then faltered and then switched off
“Never mind I brought a torch”
Ed switched on the dim torch just as his phone beeped again it was another text message part of Ed wanted to run out like a screaming girl but a stronger part wanted to prove himself to Alison. He pushed his way through into the kitchen where cobwebs clung to his hair. His body shivered when a cob web brushed against his face. Alison also looked whiter than usual but she longed excitement. She headed up the stairs
“Careful” he yelled but it was too late
The stair broke underneath her feet. She screamed. It was ok she did not fall. He raced towards her carefully. There was blood trickling down her leg here the wood had cut her
“You ok” he asked
“Yeah” she said gently moving her leg from the hole
“It’s just a scratch” she reassured
She continued up the stairs more careful this time. Ed stopped on the stairs he felt unusually unsure. He usually dove head first into situation with no feelings or given a second thought but not this time
“Wow Ed look at this” called Alison
Ed followed her into a room. The room was holding up a silver ring with a ruby in the middle
“Alison can you not read” asked Ed pointing to the sign


“Aw Ed that doesn’t matter” she laughed putting it on
Ed could have sworn he saw a glint of red in her eyes the second her finger slid into the ring
“Alison take it off” ordered Ed
“Oh ok spoilsport” she sighed
She tried but the ring refused. She twisted it but it was stuck
“Ed it won’t come off” she croaked
“What are you on about of course it will” he said
He tried
“Stop your hurting” she cried
He stopped trying not wanting to hurt her
“We’ll go home and use soap or something’” he decided 
“Ed look!” she screamed
“What” he asked
He looked at her finger it had turned a dark shade of green. She was screaming trying frantically to take off the ring. The green began spreading
“Ed help me” she shouted
He stood watching unable to move until her eyes turned red again
“Calm down” he said taking her hand
She took a deep breathe but then her green hand moved to Ed’s throat. It clutched it firmly and began to squeeze
“Stop” he yelled
“I can’t” she cried tears streaming down her face
Ed’s face began to become pink then purple. He tried to pull the hand off. He was choking and Alison was screaming trying to stop her hand but had utterly no control! Ed’s face struggled and blood began to dribble out of mouth and his eyes became larger. His face relaxed and his body slackened
Alison’s hand let go and Ed’s lifeless body fell to the floor. Alison bent over him and checked his pulse. Nothing.
“I killed him” she gasped
She placed her mouth to his lips and kissed him lightly but as she did his lips and the rest of his face turned green then began to rot. She screamed trying to pull the ring off again but her body began mutating again. She let out a deep laugh

The End

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