Godots Test

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The rich world as was devoured from the future and the present has become true through the tale that is presented inside the realm of Venetians and Godot. This is but a tale over a coffee break, and will be but that.

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012




Godot sensed that the world was demanding him to suffice his life towards an everlasting trust towards one woman.  The truth of the matter demanded that his life be one with God, more so towards the throne that is eternal in Heaven which his Heavenly Father is seated upon for everlasting life.  But there are matters causing him to not to achieve death at the moment, to achieve his dreams which caused slumber;  in Godot’s mind, God would not allow him slumber until he finished his mission on the earth: the death of the demon Venetians, which could be at all possible in talent and skill. 

“Death is more irrelevant than that which is dead and not in life,” the demon named Venetians had said with his own words, outspoken against the man named Godot.  “You can not achieve success unless the bottom of the world is overflowed with life!” he demanded.

“I won’t allow life to be vanished onto the instance from the likes of you,” Godot answered, his hands clinched together into hard fists.  Venetians started to laugh, and with that he amounted himself towards the greatest effort known onto man, the single chuckle that would cause the mind and soul of his enemy to find a singular achievement from the thrust and attack of his death. 

“Mind having some tea before we attack one another, dear boy?” Venetians started to pour some tea from the bowl that was made available from the table counter, but Godot in anger flipped the bowl from his hands causing the tea to slash against the terrain of Venetians facial structure. 

“Don’t mess with me, this isn’t time for tea,” Godot said.  “Instead,” he paused, thinking for a second, and returning.  He continued, saying, “how about some coffee, instead of that rotten tea?”  Both agreed with the nodding of their heads, and at first, Godot was the dealer, pouring the coffee into the cups for both of the individuals at the table.  They both had to wait for about five minutes before the coffee was at its most achieved success, but the wait was necessary until the end.  With the pouring into the shaped cups, Venetians, unlike Godot, sipped his coffee with gradual achievement; but, to his own surprise, the tension was causing him fear and because of this fear Godot was drowning his own coffee.

“Godot,” Venetians started to speak.  “I want to make deal, that’s one of the reasons I came here anyways.  I don’t like you, you must get that straight, but there is something about you that  is different than the other idiots from the past that I had to deal with because you are different I’m going to make you a deal..”  He looked at Godot, removed his vision from him and turned his attention to the filled coffee in the cup. 

He stretched inwards onto the cover of the table “I want to say this, and I’m not afraid to speak it.” He breathed inwards deeply, sighing greatly.  “If I allow you to live for the remainder of these years with your wife, then you will promise me to give me your life at the age of thirty-six.  Does that come across to you, or do I need to say it again?”

Godot, as usual, picked up his cup and chugged down the coffee; setting it down on his side of the table, he said with a whisper, “No.” 

“You do understand that I am suppose to kill you know, that is the command from the Highest; the one who has allowed me institution on this grand parade of lifeless package.”

“Yeah,” Godot replied.  “But, I can’t allow that.  I made promise to someone and I attend to keep it.”

“You idiot, just make the damned deal and I can come back later to achieve that which is the world; so I don’t have to hunger myself onto life; towards damned life!”  Venetians and Godot looked around the room, noticed the nostalgic appearance of the life he had had inside this room, the memories of before the time had come when the Lord had come down and took him to become that which is the Wielder; the days both cursed the Lord with no resolution to speak of besides that they had done the wrong and they were in the sin.The formation of Godot’s life he remembered his wife and children, and continued to believe that he needed her alone that which was possessed; but nothing he could do at the moment besides speak with his own personal assassin---Venetians!

“Venetians, right?  I can’t just let you do something like that too me, I mean where is the honor is doing that?” 

“Kid, you just don’t understand.  There is nothing that is wrong about it.  All men find themselves in death and will never understand the basics of life until the one who comes along finds themselves dead.  The world is dead.  Understand that.” Venetians smiled, breathing through his open mouth. 

Godot understood the basics of the demon’s proposal, thinking about the time he had been with his children before their last days on the earth were concluded, before they started to dream of Heaven and such.

Godot breathed inwards, deeply, and with that final thought that will not be mentioned here as it would cause the man into insanity, will be named as immoral, he said, “Sure.  “Fine, the deal is on.”

© Copyright 2018 Constantine Hakusho. All rights reserved.

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