Her Name Was Sage

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Sage is the perfect girl. But how is he to woe her? Read on to find out...

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Submitted: January 01, 2011

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Submitted: January 01, 2011



Her name was Sage. Josh was into the classic ‘blonde’ look, which she fit perfectly. Her long blonde hair always flowed elegantly over her feminine shoulders, which framed her perfectly curving body. She had long, long legs that went on forever; they were perfect for her athletically inclined body. Her deep, cerulean eyes seemed to search deep within Josh’s soul, and her baby-smooth skin made Josh think of floating high above Earth on a cloud, looking down on the world, perfectly content. The sheer beauty of this girl, Josh felt, could not be described to her. And that bothered Josh.

He did not know Sage very well; they had only bumped into each other in the hall a few times. Even though they didn’t talk, Josh always overheard Sage and her friends, who sat behind him in class, talking about how ugly Sage thought she was. Her friends, of course, tried to convince her otherwise, but she would hear none of it. They also spoke of the immature nature of the boys that attended their high school. They would always talk about how this boy said this, what a pig, and this boy said that, gross, and this boy did this, how could he do that to her, what was he thinking; I would dump him in a heart beat. Josh felt a woman of her beauty deserved mush more than she was getting, but he was unsure of how exactly to tell her his feelings. If he came out and related to her all his feeling, his deep, burning desire, she would think he was a freak, just like the rest of the guys at school. He knew he was more than that, though, and he was going to find a way to prove it.

But how?
Josh had a ritual before he want to bed. He would brush his teeth, get undressed, crawl into bed, and open his window. He would then proceed to look out of his window for fifteen minutes. It doesn’t matter what the weather was because Josh loved all kinds of weather. He especially loved the sound of rain, banging down on the roof like a relentless monster beating its way into the house. Josh felt the rain was euphoric, bringing his consciousness to another realm where it was free to dance about and explore whatever niche it pleased. Rain was the weather that Josh was looking at from his window the night he decided that he would try and find a way to tell Sage just how he felt about her. Josh was excited; his mind played with the thought of Sage finding out that he was in love with her. She would look him right in the eyes with her cerulean spheres and say that she loved him too. It would be perfect.

Josh started out small; he would slip handwritten notes into her locker that would say little compliments about how she looked that day. After a few days of this, he overheard Sage and her friends talking behind him. Sage was saying how she had been getting these notes in her locker from a secret admirer. Her friends thought it was creepy, but Sage said she liked the anonymous compliments because they added a shred of mystery to her life that was normally not present. Most guys would yell vulgar ‘compliments’ at her from across the hall, like how hot she was or how much they would lover her to be their girlfriend. This, she said, was different, and she looked forward to them. Josh was pleased to hear this coming from the girl he loved, and he continued the notes for about a week. Then, he decided that they were getting old and that he would never get her to know who was leaving the notes unless he did something more. The next week, he left her notes again, but on the back he would put something about himself. On Monday he put “Math is my worst subject. I wish it would be un-invented.” On Tuesday he put “I have a golden named Maxie. She is the cutes dog you will ever see, I promise.” Wednesday was a big give away; “We know each other. How many red heads do you know?” Thursday said “Unfortunately, I turn apple red when I get embarrassed.” By the time next Friday came around, Josh hoped he had gotten the message across. He sat down in class and anxiously awaited the coming of Sage and her friends. When they finally arrived, Josh sat back a little in his chair and listened to what they had to say. Sage was saying that the notes were now dropping clues as to who it was. Josh was excited that she was not turned off by the notes as her friends were. Sage went on about how she wished she could know who this mystery guy was. She wanted to meet him more than her fiends could imagine. She thought she had an idea of who it was, but she was afraid that if she confronted him, he would just be playing a joke on her or he would not feel as strongly as she did. Josh was leaning farther back in his chair now, trying to make it not so obvious that he was listening, though. Just as Sage was about to say the name of who she thought it was, Josh leaned back too far in his chair and toppled over onto the ground at Sage’s feet. They were both startled; anyone could decipher this just by the looks on their faces. Josh turned apple red as those stunning eyes of hers looked at him in shock. He couldn’t move. Was there such a thing as being paralyzed by awe and love at the same time, he wondered? Sage’s startled look quickly turned to one of joy. She leaned in close to him and said “So, it is you.” Josh could not help but smile a smile he thought stretched from one ear to the other. He said “Yes, it is me,” and laughed. Sage helped Josh up and as they were getting back on their feet, their eyes met. They both stood in place, staring deep into each others eyes. Sparks flew and horns tooted as the couple closed in for a kiss. Sage’s soft, perfect lips met with Josh’s and time stood still. Josh had waited for this moment for far too long. He enjoyed it, took in every waking second he could, making the feeling last for as long as possible. The two backed out from their first kiss and could not help but going in for another one. The tip of Sage’s tongue brushed Josh’s lower lip. He opened his mouth slightly and let their tongues dance and pirouette in a rush of ecstasy. Sage’s hands moved to the sides of Josh’s head as she picked one foot up into the air like she had seen in so many movies. The moment was ruined by the teacher who suddenly burst onto the scene, shattering the feelings between the two young lovers. The teacher sent them both down to the administration office for punishment. As the two were walking down the hallway on the way the office, Josh turned to Sage and asked her if she wanted to leave. At first, Sage was confused. Leave where? Josh told her that he had driven to school that day, and his car was in the lot. Now Sage understood. He wanted them to run away together, to skip school, to start a life on their own. She told Josh that he was a crazy, stupid boy who was only going to get them into more trouble than they were already in.

She grabbed his hand and ran toward the school parking lot, asking him where his car was. Josh grinned and directed them toward a convertible, top already down, as if it was waiting for them. Josh and Sage jumped in and Josh started the car. There was something he loved about the sound of an engine starting on a quiet day that made him smile. As Josh peeled out of the parking lot and onto the highway, he could not help but ask why she was so willing to do this with him. She said that she had something to confess. She told him that she had always thought of him as handsome and charming since the day they first met in the hallway at school. Josh was stunned; he had no idea that she had felt the same way he felt this whole time. He breathed a brief sigh of relief as the two drove down the road, wind ripping through their hair as the speedometer reached 80mph. The two drove for hours, talking, listening to the blasting radio, dreaming of what they were going to do next. Josh pulled over at a motel around 6 o’clock and got a room for the two of them. It was so exciting to be alone in a room, miles and miles away from anyone who cared, with the girl of his dreams. It seemed that his dreams were coming true.

The two lay on the bed and watched the news, talked of the future, and planned the next day. After hours of this, Josh wanted a break. He told Sage that he was disappointed that the teacher had interrupted them. Sage was equally disappointed, and they started where they left off.

Josh wrapped his arms around Sage and kissed the top of her head, slowly making his way down to her cheek, then to her neck, back to her cheek, and finally, to her waiting lips. Sage picked her foot up and placed her hands on the ides of Josh’s head, holding it as though she was preventing him from leaving her. The two stayed like that for what seemed an eternity, hugging and holding and kissing, releasing their passion that had been stowed away and hidden for oh so long. The two proceeded to make their way to the bed and lay down beside each other. Josh stroked his lover’s hair and the two looked into each others souls together, holding each other close, making sure they would never be separated.

Josh was finally content with his life. He had always never felt like he was complete, like he was with the tight person or around the right people or in the right place. But now… Now Josh felt that he could take on the world, he could go places, be anything he wanted, and never have to look back on the life he was leaving behind. He shared this thought with Sage and together, the two sat up the remainder of the night discussing how much more meaning life would have, and how much they loved each other. Josh turned to Sage and told her that he loved her. Sage looked back at him for a few seconds, and then told him she loved him too. Those vows were sealed with a kiss. And that kiss left Josh apple red.

Sage giggled and cuddled herself up in his long, protecting arms. The two were content.< br />
Finally content.

And they would have it no other way.

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