Once Upon a Morning Dew

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Again, from the era where I didn't like puinctuation. Random story. I used to like it but now I think it's lame...oh well, I'll put it up here anyways.

The hollow earth heaves a sigh
So the crumbling leaves weave into air
To think this place was green once
Once upon a morning dew

Imagine those sorrowful eyes
As sea-blue orbs shining beauty
Then you have that ancient town
Whence joy rained down the heaves

If there were as many grains of dust
As there were riches of the old
Or as flowing water down that canyon
Could this be a sadder place yet?

The howling wind mocks its past
That of joyous shouts and passionate dances
To see the last of leaves wither away
And fall like that glorious humanity

What greatness it proclaimed, the race
Gone, slowly, like raindrops on the ground
And to think that it so happened
Once upon a morning dew

Submitted: June 12, 2008

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