Parting of the Skies

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My first poem to make imagery to describe an image. It's about..well, the parting of the skies.

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008



It started as a silver lining

Woven through the horizon

Gold thread that is the sun

Peeking through

Squinting its eyes

But like an old lady’s knitting

Lengthened to a straw hat

Shooting heavenly arrows earthward

The rolling clouds tumble away

Silent jubilation over the ceremony

Then a hound of fiery dogs

Ate away the sun

Till only a memory remained

The clouds dance around the fire

Casting eerie shadows

Illuminating a disquiet pulse

As the fire burns out

The smouldering ashes lit again

By strange, shaking hands

Master of Ceremony

And the dark abyss retreats

Clouds begin dancing

Marching formations dissipate

Hands extend, reaching around the disk

Taking away the golden thread

Until all that is left

Is just a silver lining

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