"Perhaps Beyond The..."

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There's something about that girl I saw at the supermarket...

I wracked my head but couldn't come up with a title. Oh well, that will do.

I enjoy the imagery of this one immensely, even though I wrote myself...but it WAS a long time ago.

Submitted: June 11, 2008

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Submitted: June 11, 2008



Perhaps beyond the frame of her glasses
There are dreams unsought for
Perhaps within the rich curls of her hair
There is a destiny unlived

Among her sapphire eyes of the deep seas
Resides a poet whose butterfly never flew away
Whose radiant beauty never ignited pieces of parchment
Whose rocking chair rusts with wooden dullness

Among her lips of many a charming smiles
Lives a painter of literary strokes
But blurred by the march of intellectual homo-sapiens
Eroded by the macroevolution of mankind

Perhaps within those rich curls of her chestnut hair
Grows a flower whose music will write itself into history
And perhaps beyond the dark frame of her glasses
Two fiery wings of a lost fable slowly spreads

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