So My Heart Bleeds a Passionate Lament

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A wounded heart cries a passionate lament..

I realized that this is the "Summary" section, not the "Tell Us What You Think of This Poem" section, but anyways, I think it's a little repetive, but I still love the imagery I wrote in this however long ago.

This is one of the only dark poems I have. As you can see I'm pretty positive most of the time ^-^

Submitted: June 11, 2008

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Submitted: June 11, 2008



The dullest scalpel of rusted metals

Bears itself into tissues of my soul
Slices through the hole that is my love

So my heart bleeds a passionate lament

What feelings are there in the chilling statuette
Who can deter its nearing arm
When it strikes my wounded emotions

Whence a woeful song flows from my heart

That, whose canine teeth bear my blood
Weaving into the soliloquay of a weeping heart
That, whose feline claws cut my soul

Dripping a ballad of an injured heart

Who can heal this bleeding heart
Where sad sonnets flow from open scars
When shall those grieving words end
Whose rhythms beat with each contraction of heart?

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