Time Altering Beauty

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It's a simple love song. I think it's the cutest of my poems.

Uh, might have typos. Sorry in advance.

Submitted: June 14, 2008

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Submitted: June 14, 2008



She stopped me, there and then -

Her figure taut and still,

Frozen in mid-strut.

Long, flowing auburn hair, shining

like frozen fire.

As I took my breath back,

Her walk resumed.

How slow the world seemed around her!

Tell me now, the identity?

The identity - of

This time-altering beauty.

How goddess-like her features were

The blazing gaze of hazel eyes

Bring me back to the days

of bronze swords and tunics.

As she walked through the streets:

Head held high, long white dress trailing behind her,

The crowd bows.

Her enigmatic figure radiates beauty.

The steady rhythm of her walk

Patters me back to the age

of classical music and romance.

She would bow courteously,

Dance graciously with extraordinary men,

For she could very well be

The fair queen of all England.

Black holes? String theory?

The only thing left in the world left unexplained

Is the mystery of

This time-altering beauty.

Her gaze touched mine briefly,

And I saw myself looking into the same two eyes,

Standing at the altar, saying the words

"I do."

As I hold her hand, now a band of promise

beaming back at me.

Perhaps we would go to Venice for honeymoon.

As we venture on a cruise,

We hold each other in our arms.

She smiled as she saw me

- a beautiful crescent of the moon.

Again, I saw that same smile that greeted me

As I step into my house from work.

There, Chloe and young Michael

Pattering about my feet.

And there was the third

Within the gentle curve of her belly.

I would tell her there lies a baby girl.

She would believe in a boy instead.

No one will ever be able to tell me

How this time-altering beauty

Changes the world when she's around me.

No one could ever comprehend

What she did to me:

For she brought me back two thousand years,

But I saw our future into eternity.

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