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This is the first point of view of a killer in a school shooting. He explains details about himself, school life and best friend who also plans to go down with him. This is written as a high school journal in which he recorded his thoughts throughout his time in high school. This is his story. A story of Anger, frustration and the struggle of trying to be something simple as a human.

Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013



August 25, 2009.

Dear Uhhhh Diary? I am a dude, my name is (UNDISCLOSED BY POLICE) and my fucking mother picked you up from the Staples school supply section for the cheap price of 99 cents. Anyways, I have decided to record my high school life within this one book, so from here on out your stuck with me till graduation or death whatever I decide. Today was my first day of school and it was fucking awful (as it is for most freshmen) because douchebag sophomores felt after last year’s hazing, it was time for them to return the favor. Thus, resulting in why I'm currently writing this while I'm in my locker to pass the time until, someone in free period can let me out.


August 27, 2009

The other day I made a new pal named (UNDISCLOSED BY POLICE) quickly thought he was cool with me considering he let me out of that fucking locker. *sigh* asshole sophomores, THEY THINK BECAUSE THEIR ONE YEAR AHEAD OF ME I just can't wait til I'm out of freshmen year. Things are sure to look up by the end of the year, I can just bear it.


September 27, 2009

Hello uhhh fucking diary whatever. I and (UNDISCLOSED BY POLICE) have decided to come up with BADASS nicknames to address each other by. He has taken up the name Jax and for myself Stryker, being the huge Mortal Kombat fans we are. At any rate still more fuckin sophomores and now the juniors are on our asses for some reason, I guess it’s because our other friend (UNDISCLOSED BY POLICE) was trying to hit on one of the varsity jock’s girls. Oh well I'm sure me and Jax will get through it.


Dec 24, 2009

My old pal Jax actually pirated a copy of MK Kollection JUST FOR ME!!! what a pal. I swear a friend like him would probably go to the end of the world with me. Any who, for him I managed to purchase an UMP45 for Jax considering he was such a diehard fan I figured he would like a machine gun which Jax wielded in MK Armageddon. Went through hell to get it but, there’s a guy near the school about a block away full of old used weapons. Bought the machine gun for around 225$ by hey a friend like Jax is worth it.


Jan 3, 2010

Forgot to buy fucking ammo *sigh* guess I’ll have to get some from the guy in order for us to shoot this beast.


May 8, 2010

Well summer is just next month, FINALLY I WON'T BE TREATED AS A FUCKING BABY ANYMORE BY THE UPPER CLASS MEN YES WE PULLED THROUGH. See you around June Diary. Ohhh and for the record I'm just gonna start calling you journal now you know, to avoid embarrassment if someone ever steals this.


June 9, 2010

TOMORROW IS THE LAST FUCKING DAY YEAH FUCK YOU ALL WE MADE IT ME AND JAX FUCKING MADE IT HELL TO THE YEAHHHH!!!!. We will shoot the machine gun tomorrow to celebrate. I picked up a couple boxes of bullets over time to surprise Jax for the summer, SHITS GONNA BE SWEET.


September 1, 2010

WELL MR.FUCKING JOURNAL ITS BEEN SO LONG!!! allow me to fill your shit in. So summer goes on by (no one wanted to hang out with me except Jax) and everything went pretty ok. When school rolls around I'm ready to be the boss and those little fucking freshmen punks don't even take me seriously, in fact they had the nerve to taunt me, ME!!!!! what the fuck man. I'm still bullied by Juniors, Seniors, I don't know how but freshmen try shit, and my peers. Apparently, a rumor went around that me and Jax had a ton of gay sex over the summer and some of....of my old fucking friends like (UNDISCLOSED BY POLICE) and (UNDISCLOSED BY POLICE) fucking said that I tried to invite them, WHAT THE HELL!!!.


September 11, 2010

Shit still sucks, Me and Jax are pretty much alone now. Fuck off journal.


October 31, 2010

Its Halloween, Mine and Jax's house got graffiti with "FAGS" and "HOMOS" for words that we have to wash off the next day, fucking bullshit man.



Its Christmas, me and Jax decided it was best not to hang out till summer again. PEACE.


March 13, 2011

Bought a pretty old used shotgun from "The Guy" again. Not to bad and I even remembered to purchase shells with it, I think I'm gonna mod it.


March 20, 2011

My shotgun is fucking KICK...ASS!! Sawn off pump action, had to wrap duct tape around the handle. It kinda looks like Arlene, the shotgun Eric Harris used in the columbine massacre, which is something I've been studying lately.

Not to weird but, I feel kinda jealous of them, I mean they must've had balls of steel to pull that shit off. I am more fascinated by the angry, loud Eric Harris over Dylan Klebold. I feel like I can actually relate, like I feel that I am also on the bottom on the totem pole with my one good friend Jax. I wish I knew Eric and Dylan in my years here we probably could've had a group together, maybe chat about MK or Doom, guns whatever we like. *Sigh* a guy can dream can't he.


June 15, 2011

Well me and Jax hung out for the first time in a while, we were likes brothers who hadn't seen each other for some time, we even go each other a bro hug. To my surprise when I saw him He brought ME a present from Christmas that he wanted to give me. I felt shitty when I didn't get him anything but HOLY SHIT was I ecstatic to see that HE BOUGHT ME MY VERY OWN AR15 COMBAT RIFLE!!. I mean I am now packing a fucking shotgun and a goddamn rifle. I could FUCK SOMEONE UP!!!


September 11, 2011

Sorry Journal its been a long time. Since I started this year as a Junior I realized that I am going to be on the bottom all of high school. I can't avoid it. I am pretty much shit underneath their feet forever. No one likes us. Maybe its too to my fascination with chaos. Today is as you know, the anniversary of 9/11 and Dylan Klebold's birthday. Turns out this whole time, I've been writing to you Journal, Jax has been writing to his own personal getaway. *Sigh* I hate this school. No one gets me or Jax. I feel so angry and I am full of ABSOLUTE RAGE. It is almost as if I could just get my guns and kill as many of these assholes as I can..and then...END IT ALL FOR MYSELF. I need a break, talk to you another time.


September 13, 2011

Ok you fucking Journal you, me and Jax have decided, that..that lifes not worth this shit. we are going to KILL AS MANY AS WE can. We plan to perform the "Final Solution" on April Fool's Day of next year so people will be off guard, not the mention it will give us time to obtain supplies.


Dec 3, 2011

Since Jax is from a rich Jew family, he has somehow decided to buy ANOTHER GUN! Its a small AK47 without the butt, and is spray painted black on the wood, but it sure as shit will do. We decided to take whatever money we had left plus what we could make in the future and spend it all on ammo and perhaps a few bomb supplies. I WILL TAKE THIS FUCKERS OUT AND IT..WILL..BE THE LAST THING I DO.


April 1, 2012

It is now one year from our "Final Solution" I will be with you again later Journal.


August 26, 2012

We have plenty of bullets.


September 12, 2012

We have bomb schematics.


Jan 7, 2013

We have bombs, and lots of em.


May 22, 2013

We practiced our shooting to meet a great perfection.


May 31, 2013

Its time.



Well, I'd say we killed a good amount of those fuckers. I maybe got about 20 or 25 headshots with my rifle along with blowing away a few people with my shotgun. Jax mowed most people down in the hallways when we broke in. When we split up I just so happened to come across an asshole jock and couldn't help to shout "FATALITY" just before I shot him point blank in the neck with my shotgun. HALF OF HIS NECK IS FUCKING GONE NOW. We slaughtered our way into what I'm sitting in now as the remains of the front office, (With a few pals taking naps like (UNDISCLOSED BY POLICE) and (UNDISCLOSED BY POLICE)). We shot up… only maybe...half of our ammo. It’s a shame we have so much left over but we couldn't find any more people. Jax was so in the moment when we decided we were done he let nothing but a wide grin go across his face before is shot himself right in front of me with the AK. I guess when he was done he was done you know. Still all in all I still feel that the AK47 he got in the first place was a bit of overkill and people who read probably won't believe it anyways but fuck them. I'm sitting here with all I have left, which is a fucking journal, getting ready to scribble down my final words. So I say finally, I have none. I lived in the moment and I had my fun and I guess it’s safe to say we don't really have any. Who would hear them?



Suspects: Nathaniel Clearings  (Stryker)

MichaelThompson (Jax)


Aftermath: 54 Casualties

27 Wounded

4 Critically Wounded


Report: With all the evidence found from the scene we are still looking for more leads in the perpetrators homes, email accounts, and internet search history. Currently on the lookout for a second journal to be found and taken in as a lead.

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