Crying For Mercy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This was a dream I had last night.. It's about a girl being sold to a man by her mother and the man tries to murder her viciously.. :)

"But Mom! I don't want to go! I love you!" I screamed. I can't believe she was doing this! Selling me to a complete stranger that could be a sex offender or a felon or something! I thought parents, mothers especially, where supposed to love their child through thick and thin, no matter what! I guess this just shows that not all people care..   

" Anina, it's for the best. I love you with all my heart, but I can't afford to feed you, your brother, and me!" she said so calmly. Tears where barely rolling down her face, while mine was fully wet. This is ridiculous!

"This shows who you truely love more! You'd rather have a small son than a fourteen year old girl!! And instead of selling me, just put me up for adoption! That way I know I'll atleast be safe!!" I protested. She shook her head in disbelief.

"Anina! We need the money this kind man is offering for you! Now shut up!! He could be here any minute! We don't want him to change his mind!!" she harshly said. She held her hand up like she was ready to strike me down, but she put it down as another person walked into the filthy allyway. "Mr.Kappel? Is that you?"

"Yes. Is this Anina?" he asked in a soft voice.

  " Yes. Do you have the money?" my mom asked. They turned their backs to me. Right now I could escape. Run home with my brother. Pack our stuff and leave this poor exscuse of a mother to rot and die alone. I turned around to start running.

  " ANINA! You better stay right  there or else you will be stuck in this allyway for the rest of your life and you'll rot with the stray cats! Do you want that!?" my mom yelled. I turned back around a cried more. The man handed her something, probably the money, and turned around. He smiled at me. It was the most creepiest, most disturbing smile I have ever seen in my fourteen years of life.

  "A sweet, healthy, fourteen year old girl is esacally what I need." He said as he grabbed my arm roughly. My mom smiled and flipped through the huge wad of cash.

 "Mom!! Don't let him do this!! Please!!" I screamed. He started dragging me out of the ally. My mom looked up, frowned, and waved goodbye. "MOM!! SAVE ME!! YOU GREEDY, BLOODY PIG!!! HELP ME!! YOUR A TERRIBLE MOTHER! YOU FILTHY, UNWORTHY, GREEDY, STINKY PIG!!! YOU ARE A ABOMINATION TO HUMANITY!!!" I continued screaming as loud as I could, but she just ignored me! She started walking home as the man threw me into his truck.

"Buckle up." he said as he started the car.

"MOOOOOM!!!!!" I screamed and pounded on the window as we passed her.

"Shut up, you bratty girl! She doesn't want you, and I do!' he said.

" You don't deserve me! You're probably some sick pedifile that's going to use me as a sex slave or something! Well, it's not happening! I am Anina, not some filthy whore! Don't think I won't lay my hands on you!" I said, trying to stand up for myself as much as possible. He raised his hand and slapped me across the face!

"I don't give a two shits if you're a whore or not! You're mine now, and you'll do as I say, if you like it or not! Now shut your fucking mouth and be quiet!!" he yelled at me. My jaw dropped in disbelief as I layed my hand over my cheek where he slapped me. I finally decided to shut my mouth before I get slapped again.


We pulled into a driveway where a nice house was. It was tan with brown shingles, and a chimney made of what looked like giant pebbles. It  was really pretty. It had beautiful giant French doors. We walked inside onto a dark hardwood floor. 

"Your room is upstairs on the left. Do not, for god help me, go down into the basement! I swear, if you do, you will not see the next sunrise!" he said as he pointed a finger in my face.

"I don't have any 'brothers' or 'sisters'?" I asked

"No. Now go in your room and sleep." he ordered.

"But it's only eleven thirty!" I debated.

"GO TO BED!! We have alot to do tonight!" he screamed.

"Pedifile." I mumbled.

"WHAT?!" he asked.

"Nothing!" I said as I ran up the stairs. When I got up the stairs, there was a flat screen television, a green balcony bed with silk curtains hanging from it, a purple, blue, and green fuzzy rug, and a purple couch. There was no door though. It was just an opening. I looked to the door to the right, the only door up here. It had a sign on it that read "OFFICE".

"You tried really hard to make this a girl's room didn't you?" I screamed over the railing that lined one 'wall' of my 'room'.

"Yes! I don't care if you like it or not, it's yours!" He screamed back.

"Don't worry. I love it." I said to myself as I flopped onto the bed. I turned on the television and forced myself to sleep.


I woke up at one fourty two in the morning to use the bathroom. I walked in and did my buisness. I washed my hands and started to splash water on my face when I heard a chainsaw revving. I patted my face dry with a hand towel and opened the door to see what was going on. The chainsaw revving was coming from downstairs. I never explored the downstairs rooms yet, so I was wandering aimlessly in the dark. I walked into the kitchen and crawlled against a marble surface almost as tall as me. I bumped into a tall chair, so I was probably walking along a bar.

"I'd like a mojito please." I said to myslef. I giggled at my little joke and kept going. The chainsaw got louder as I turned down an empty hallway. I was following the sound down the hallway, trying to figure out which door concealed the noise. I finally found the door and I opened it a crack. The man was sitting there with the chainsaw. As soon as he saw me, he started charging torwards me.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed. I started running as fast as I could in the dark so I didn't get turned into diced Anina. I ran past the kitchen and into a room with a jacoozi-slash-tub. Probably the master bathroom. I ran back out. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the cordless phone. I hid in a big cabneit and tried to dial 911 as quietly as possible.

"Anina! I know you're in here! I will find you!" he screamed and he revved the chainsaw even louder

"Hello, 911, what's you emergency?" the female operator asked

"My name is Anina, my mother sold me to a random man and now I'm hiding in a cabneit and he has a chainsaw and is trying to kill me!" I whispered.

"WHERE ARE YOU!?" he yelled.

"What is your location?" the operator asked

"I don't know, I just got here today. Can't you track my call or something, please? This is a life or death situation!" I whispered as frantically as possible.

"Yes I can. Are you injured in any possible way?" she asked. I could hear her clicking away on her keboard over the phone

"No, please send the police as soon as possible!" I whispered.

"Yes, ma'am. They are on their way." she said. "Please don't disconnect until they arive.

"Where are you!?!" the man screamed. I sat in silence with the phone to my ear as long as six minutes. Then I heard the police jam the door down.

"Put your hands up, it's the police!" a deep male voice ordered. "Anina, are you okay? Please, come out. It's okay" I crawled out of the cabneit and put my hands up. One officer gave me a blanket and four other officers were wrestling with the man. They fianlly got the chainsaw away from him and turned it off. They cuffed him and dragged him out the door.

"It's okay, Anina. You'll be alright now." a female officer comforted me. " I was on the phone with you. I'll be taking you to a foster faimly or an adoption center. Which one?" 
"Adoption center." I said. She loaded me into her police car and drove away.

Submitted: April 22, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Cookie3. All rights reserved.

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