the life of a little viet gurl

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this story is just about mi daily life in a small home in fremont

Submitted: May 16, 2008

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Submitted: May 16, 2008



When I first moved to Fremont, I went to Grimmer Elementary. As a kindergartener, I stayed for only half the day. I had no friends because I just moved but there was this one girl, Annie Deh-Lee, who wanted to be friends with me. Annie was really kind to me and I finally had a friend! So after kindergarten passed, first grade came and went. We were still friends, even after she moved. Annie turned out to be my best friend and she still is because she tends to talk to me unlike some other friends of mine that moved. In sixth grade, I met new people that were overloads from another school. Soon we lost contact and I made new friends at Horner. I have too many to list so there's no point. But, I learned that only your truest, bestest friends keep in touch with you no matter what. Love plays an important role in a teenager's life as well. Romances bloom and more people begin to date. That's a whole other story because that never happened to me before. It actually did or it didn't because it supposedly took place in the sixth grade. I doubt it was a true relationship because we were just immature fifth graders but still, he seemed like a brother too me and was always there. I'm pretty sure I still have SOME feelings for him. Even if I'm in love with someone else right now...

From this short random passage, you can see that a kid's life is very complicated and confusing. There are many up and downs that can affect one's heart and soul. As long as your friends are with you, everything will be alright. And you know it.


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