Battle of the Red Ring

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Battle of the Red Ring, was a battle during the fourth era of the elder scrolls, It was a battle fought between the Imperial legion Vs the Aldmeri Dominion.

Submitted: August 05, 2013

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Submitted: August 05, 2013



"Today is the day we will fight, and prevail for our families, our homes and our emperor!” General Sergius shouts as he sits on the back of his great stallion. “Or, tonight you die; and fail in our quest. But we will not let this happen! If we do, our enemies will enslave and kill our wives and children. Do you want this?!”

“NO!” the whole legion shouts back to their leader.

I look at my fellow soldiers, my brothers in arms. Their swords stained in blood from their last challenge and their armour is scratched and battered from the last battle. Their faces are a mixture of anger and anxiety. We all know what will happen if we lose on this day. We will have failed our families, our country and our Emperor. And our families and the people that are counting on us will suffer a far greater consequence than we will when we die.

“Okay men, swords at the ready, I want you all to kill at least 5 of the Aldmeri men!” General Sergius Commands as he turns to face the Imperial city. He places his shining silver helmet onto his head, draws his sword and screams at the top of his lungs to charge as he races down the hill towards the enemy with a fearless expression on his face. He could take on the world if he wanted.

The legion, within seconds roars a mighty war cry that shakes the very surface of the earth. We chase after the general. All willing to die, all willing to kill, we charge. 2000 strong, we crash into the army of 3000 elf’s causing an all mighty clash of steel and bodies.

Swords swing and blood fly’s and splatters across the dry and hard ground. I scan the battle field, and pick a target. I move towards my foe with haste and without even giving the slightest chance I plunge my blade deep into his throat. He reaches for me with his mud stained hands in a foolish attempt to push me away. He gurgles on his own blood as I pull my blade out of his throat causing a slight squirt of blood to splash out.

He holds his neck and falls to his knees. He looks into my eyes and I look into his as he takes one last gurgled breath and fall to the floor, a stream of blood flowing from his oozing wound.  

“Forward my brothers, into the city!” Captain Lucan shouts across the battle field.

The legion moves as a whole, cutting down every opposing threat they face. We flood into the city through the gates, slicing and brutally killing the Elf oppressors inside. They make a foolish stand against the Iron wall of our steel and Iron. One by one, the Aldmeri’s soldiers are hunted and are slaughtered like animals.

As I charge with twenty others into the square, the sun gets blotted out, and the sky goes dark. We stop in our tracks and look up, the sky, once blue and bright is now dark and grey.

“Arrows, use your shields!” A soldier shouts to us, echoing as it traveles over the battle feild.

With haste we all pull our shields over our heads in a desperate attempt to live to fight again. The ones with out shield make a run for cover, but are too slow. The arrows and plunge into their bodies, piercing their armour, giving them either a fast death, or a slow painful one.

As I survey the bodies of my fallen comrades, a piercing pain flows through my right leg as I drop my shield and fall onto my back while letting out a small yelp. I looked to find the source of the pain and find an arrow stuck just above my knee.

The arrows stop and my comrades stand and carry on with the assault.

“I can’t let this stop me, I am a soldier, I must fight on!” I think to myself. I scramble to my feet as the blood flows from my wound down to my foot. I grip the long wooden shaft of the arrow and snap it. Just leaving the tip and a little of the body left in my leg, I limp back into battle.

As I turn the corner, a fist smashes into my left cheek, knocking out a tooth. I look to find my attacker in mid swing and with that his first smashes into my face. My nose trickles with blood. I swing back my sword and as I bring it forward to hit him, he catches my arm and twists it, causing me to drop my sword. I desperately reach for my dagger. As fast as wind, I pull my dagger from its leather holster and push it into his stomach.

He coughs as his grip loosens. I bring up a fist and upper cut him, causing him to let go of me completely and stagger backwards. I once again swing my fist and hit me in the face. As my fist makes contact with his skull I hear a slight crack and he falls to the floor. I pick my sword up off of the blood stained ground and raise it above my head.

As I go to deliver the final blow he whispers something. I could not understand all of it but, I made out the words my, family and proud. With no hesitation I end his life.

A few moments later I hear a call of victory as the Aldmeri disperse and run for the hills, literally. Some of my comrades lift their weapons and cheer, while others take off their helmets and drop them to the floor. We had won; we had taken back the city.

“Men, today has been a day of death and glory!” Emperor Septim address us from in front. “Death for the Aldmeri, and glory for us!” He drops his sword and takes off his helmet and holds it up to the legion.

We all cheer for our victory and tonight, we celebrate.

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