Treat Girls With Care,

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I felt this way...

Submitted: October 06, 2009

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Submitted: October 06, 2009



A girl will do anything at any cost,
Just to get that someone she loves...
Back in her arms.
He left her,
And took her heart with him...
Her heart belongs to him,
And ONLY him.
But his heart is with someone else now...
And everytime she walks past and sees what used to be hers,
Belonging to another
A part of her dies inside,
She can't get over you...
She still dreams of you everynight,
And the thought of you loving someone else,
Just brings a tear to her eyes,
The eyes that cry daily, just for you...
Behind those lovely eyes,
Is pure and genuine love for you, and yes...
Only you.
There is whole world for her, but she is after only you...
She doesnt want a celebrity,
She doesnt want the rich and guy,
She doesnt want the popular guy at school,
She doesnt want the guy that any girl would die for,
All she wants is you.
She would do anything to see you smile at her...that smile you used to keep just for her.
And she sees that smile,
But it just isn't the same anymore
She knows that now, that smile isn't for her,
But for somebody else,
She remembers the first time she saw that smile,
Remembering, she was the reason for that smile,
And it tears her heart now to realise...
She isn't the cause of that lovely, gentle and pure smile...
It's sombody else...
And I still love you...don't you realise me waiting in the dark for you to come back for me?
I'm waiting for you....
And I will always wait for you...
Please save me from my sorrow,
Because you still are:
My Knight In Shining Armour.
My Prince Charming.
There is no Mickey without Minnie,
No Pooh without Tigger,
Most of all....
There just isn't me...
Without you baby.
I miss you're me...

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