shadaze story 1

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i hope you like my story it took a lot of time so sorry

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



shadaze story part 1

sonic-17 years old

amy-15 years old

tails-14 years old

cream-13 in a half years old

rouge-17 years old

knuckles-18 years old

shadow-18 years old

silver-18 years old

blaze-17 years old

sally-16 years old

mina-15 years old

bunnie-17 years old

shade-17 years old

tikal-16 years old

julie-su-16 years old

espio-17 years old

nicole-17 years old

charmy-14 years old

victor-22 years old


vanilla-20 years old


antoine-18 years old

It was a normall day just in the morning everyone was happy and woke up at 8:20 while shadow was still was sleeping he woke at 8:30 he only got 10 minutes to do everything.


blaze was already she was waiting for everyone and then sonic came out

sonic-hey blaze wat you doing

blaze-ooh you know hunting elephants

sonic-haha very funny

then the rest came outside

blaze-hi guys how was your vacation

everyone-good and you

both sonic and blaze-good thx for asking

everyone-no problem

so they got to school and lets skip to lunch ok

blaze was in line with amy nicole sally bunnie and mina and cream

and shadow was with sonic,silver,tails.espio,antoine,and charmy

like they were in the S.A class

(short for SPECIAL A CLASS)

they had there own table where they talked

then the student counsil walked to there table and said who is blaze

blaze stoob up and sayd me

blaze-me but who are you

???-i am the president of  the student counsil and i challenge you



Sonic-who know calm down you guys

amy-you challenge her to wat you dork

???-to a fight




blaze-she stand up from her seat-well good luck i love guys with curage

then out of no where shadow stud up and then he tru a book at the president

sonic-dud chill

rouge-i agree

shadow-walks towards blaze-are  you really that stupid

blaze-wats your prblem

shadow-if you challenge her you challenge me


cream and tails-but shadow.......

(by the way cream and tails are twin brother and sister but tails is the oldest)

wat will happend next

you will need to find out in shadaze story 2

hope you enjoy it <_<

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