shadaze story ch.3

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i hope you guys like it now lets see what happend to blaze

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



shadaze story ch.3


rouge- blaze you ok

blaze- yea im fine

sally- thank god

jonathan- good to now blaze

bunny- i was worried sugah

blaze- i am fine

amy- blaze!!!! *hugs blaze* i was soooooo worried

* lets skip to lunch*

blaze was i line getting her food and walked to her table

sonic- hi blaze how you doing today

blaze- i am good and you

shadow- hi guys guys how you doing i amfinedoing just fine

rouge- i'm also fine how about you guys

sally- i am good

amy- fine


cream- i am good

tails- good also

blaze- thats good to hear you guys

sally- hehe yeah i know

bunny- hi guys

then a bunch of kids came and stood in front of the S.A class's table

???- hey you guys

sonic- what

???- why dont you give the S.A class to us and you leave the S.A class forever

blaze- NO!!!! * walks toward the person* we wont give you the S.A NEVER!!!!

???- *smirks* have it your way

silver- * stand up and also walks toward him and puches him in the face* no we won't give you theS.A you hear me *walks away*

blaze- silver *walk with hime and leaves*

what will happen next found out in part 4

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