Fighting for equality is hard...Falling in love is easy

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This is for a challenge hosted by Sexy Scarlett

I chose my inspiration to be "I'll make a man out of you" from the movie Mulan

Fighting to show the men what real girl power was is going to be hard to achieve but fighting to be a soldier against them is even harder.

Falling in love with my training and commanding officer is easier than having 7 weeks of training to be a solider.

Follow Ryder on her training and fight for equality against the males.

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Submitted: April 23, 2013



I stepped off the bus and looked around the site. It was larger than I had expected but I was determined to get through this. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder as I walked through the crowds, getting to a small cabin that I would  be staying in alone.

“Soldiers, line up!”

I threw my bag inside before running over and standing straight as a man of about 20 walked up and down in an army uniform. I couldn’t help but let my eyes run over his body; I mean he looked bloody fit.

“I am Officer Daniel; I will be training you to fight in the battle”

He looked along the line and checked us all out, already in our uniform before one guy ran out his cabin late, buttoning up his uniform shirt.

Officer Daniel picked up a bow and arrow, firing the arrow to the top of a large wooden post. “Thank you for volunteering recruit. Climb it and receive the arrow”

3 hours had gone by; each new recruit had tried to climb the post to get the arrow. My ass was hurting as Officer Daniel rubbed the back of his neck, sighing before stripping his shirt off and throwing it on the bench.

I stared at his muscular chest, it was chiselled perfectly and he had an 8 pack. He was the perfect man with dark blue eyes that sparkled whenever he spoke of battle with black short hair that looked so natural and like he just got out of bed in the morning.

I shook it off as he threw us each a knife, most of the guys beside me stepping back. I held my hand out, catching the blade in my hand, not caring as the blood seeped down my wrist.

“Solider, never grab a knife by the blade!”

I stared at him before throwing the knife on the floor, walking to the first aid cabin to have it fixed up. I knew I was already failing; I was female competing to be a solider against a number of men. I waited until my hand was bandaged up, walking out and watching as the new recruits were shooting their pistols at the targets, all completely missing.

I took the pistol held out to me and focused, holding it up. I felt my hand shake, shooting it as it just missed another officer on the training site.

Officer Daniel shook his head as he watched us for the first day of training. At the end of the day we all went back to our cabins as I stood outside for some air, eavesdropping on a conversation Officer Daniel was having with a few other officers.

“They are the saddest bunch I have ever met; I swear I was sent females instead of males. They hold no stamina, strength or balance. No idea of what is going on with the training for this battle, they are spineless. I won’t have time to train them to fight and win. They can’t even work as a team either, lack of teamwork and communication. Time is racing towards us, the battle will arrive and we will have no real soldiers to fight with us. How can I make men out of them?”

The other officers laughed. “Keep training them Danny, you are the best officer here. You can handle the spineless group, that’s why you were made to be an officer”

I stood there, listening to the conversation before turning on my heel and walking inside. I sat down on the bed and let myself fall into a dreamless sleep, wanting to prove females were just as good as the males.

I was up at 4am, showering and pinning my hair out my face as I pulled the cap on and uniform.  I laced my boots and looked at my reflection.

“Girl Power, we live and fight to be accepted in the male aspects” I whispered as I remembered my motto I lived by for the whole of my life.

I was out the cabin at 5am sharp as the whistle blew. I was the first there and stared straight at Officer Daniel, refusing to let go of his gaze. I turned my head and groaned as I went down to the floor with a punch from another officer.

“Be on your guard at all times, you never know what could happen” I stood up, rubbing my face as I glared at the officer before turning to look at Officer Daniel. I knew I would have a black eye by the end of the week, sure enough I was correct.

That whole week was torture working with Officer Daniel and the other officers. I had no strength left; we were in the gym for 5 hours a day. I couldn’t lift even the lightest of weights but always hid as the Officers were more focused on the hand to hand combat with the weaker fighters.

At the end of each day, falling into my bed was the best feeling ever but I never dreamt about anything, it was always dreamless. I was honestly surprised that no-one had noticed yet that I was a female training to be a solider for the battle.

After 6 weeks of training, still none of us were good enough to fight in the battle. Officer Daniel was beginning to give up on us and we all knew it as we walked outside at 5am on the dot. Most of the recruits knew to be ready at 5am on the dot and began getting up early.

My black eye had now healed up and it was better, I was still failing in hand to hand combat but easily dodging the punches and kicks.

Officer Daniel came out from his cabin and threw us each a wood stick. I reached out and grabbed mine as a recruit swung his under my feet sending me over as I stood up again, listening to Officer Daniel.

Over the past 7 weeks of being here training I had grown quite close with Officer Daniel and he even said for me to call him Danny when we were alone. He didn’t know I was female yet but I didn’t care, just being friends was him would be good enough as I didn’t want anything finding out who I was.

Officer Daniel had us each balance a full bucket of water on our head to keep our balance as stones were thrown at us. We were meant to hit them all but I ended up being soaked with the bucket over my head; I knew this was the end for my training with the way Officer Daniel was looking at me.

At the end of the day I went back to my cabin and saw Officer Daniel there with my bag. He threw it to me as I caught it. “You will never make it to be a soldier. It is best if you just leave now” He shook his head and walked to his cabin.

“I thought you would make it soldier, I had faith in you. You're unsuited for the rage of battle, so pack up, go home, you’re through. How can I make a solider out of you?” He left me stood there as he walked to his cabin, closing the door behind him.

I looked round the training camp and saw that all lights were out; no-one saw what happened. I started to walk to the entrance where the bus would collect me before glancing up at the post to see the arrow still stuck in the wood.

I chucked my bag on the floor and pulled my uniform shirt off as I pulled my hair out the bun. I tied it in a ponytail and stood in my combat boots with my combat trousers and vest top. I was going to prove that females could be soldiers, we were not weaklings.

I kept climbing, putting all my energy into it as the sun began to rise, beaming down onto my bare skin. I didn’t dare to look down as most men were starting to appear from their cabins, spotting the female climbing the mast.

I gripped the shirt around the mast as I slipped slightly before I pulled harder, pushing myself up and making it to the top. I heard the men below cheering before throwing the arrow down so that it landed in front of Officer Daniel’s cabin.

On the dot 5am he stepped out and looked at the arrow before looking up to see me. My hair was now swinging around my shoulders with my shirt wrapped around my waist. He walked over to the mast as I slid down, he caught me bridal style in his arms.


He let me down before shouting to line up as I moved into my place. The day continued and I had to fight hand to hand with Officer Daniel. I blocked his punches and kicks before swinging my leg round as he went to the floor, rubbing his jaw as he smirked.

“Well done recruit” I helped him up as he pulled me against his chest.

I swear since day 1 he never wore a shirt outside, none of the men did. It was starting to get on my nerves but feeling his chest under my hands was so amazing. He held me against his body before tilting my chin up and kissing my lips.

That was when the real battle began, he had made a soldier out of me and I had shown the men what real girl power was all about.

It took Danny 2 years before he built the courage up to ask for my hand in marriage.  I gladly accepted and was fighting beside him in the battles, knowing the real battle was about to come with him as my husband and training officer.

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