Vampire's Lair

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a english piece i wrote, but i dont know if i will write more plz let me know if you want more

Submitted: September 08, 2009

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Submitted: September 08, 2009



I was skipping down the lane with my bffl JenJen when we heard a bang. We kept walking but we turned our heads to see if we were being followed. We weren’t looking where we were going and we fell down a muddy, steep hill. We kept rolling and rolling until we saw a house as big as a storey of flats. We grabbed hold of a tree to stop ourselves from rolling into the large, spiked gates and disturbing the owner. I got up and brushed myself down. I walked towards the gates and when I turned my head to look at JenJen she was shakily pointing at a sign. It read ‘BEWARE OF THE VAMPIRES’ I kept walking and I noticed that the large, spiked gates were open. I walked in and saw a shadow with fangs. A vampire lived here that was why no-one ventured down here. I found a blood sucking vampires’ lair. I kept walking when bats flew from under the window ledges into the forest. A whole group of vampires live here......

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