WHAT? Youre straight............

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I tried to kiss him once for him to blurt out he was gay. I love him; I mean real love, the romantic type. He is so sweet, if he weren’t gay, I would date him.
He was my gay best friend, Andrew Sterling. The quarterback and captain of the football team actually talked to me. I am the captain of the cheerleaders but i am not a fake bitch like they are, so I don’t hang out with them.
He started to hang with his team, he started being a evil jock, he started to call me mean things, he started dating gay guys, he started slapping girls butts, he started becoming abusive, he was changing.
I kept thinking I had lost him until the homecoming dance, the dance I had been prepared for since the beginning of the school year.
Was I gonna get a date?
I doubt it but I could try
What is Andrew hiding?
Who do you think he is?

Table of Contents

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