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best. story! ever!!!

Submitted: February 02, 2018

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Submitted: February 02, 2018



the scent of death 
fills my nose
the crisp acidity burns my nose hairs

sigh and ponder
"where's my mother"
and she comes up behind me
and whips my ass
with a belt
and i cry
in horrific pain
i feel as if
i'm about to die
and i shove my foot
down my throat
and i take one last breath
it sounds like a croak
tears slide down my face
as i exaggeratedly reach my hand out
only for it to be chopped off by my mother
she stomps on it
tenderizing it
and skins it in front of my very eyes
i screech
it echos through the cold halls
my mother cuts off my tongue 
as a warning
for me to never
express my voice
i desperately crawl across the ground
in attempts to save my hand
my hand.. has always been there for me
through thick and thin
we were attached
it's like
a brother
we were one
i cannot lose my hand 
i drag myself over to the hand
it was about to be dropped in a pot of stew
but i made it
i snatched the hand like her weave boi
and i attached it to my decapitated arm
and the skin magically grew back
i stood up and kicked my mom in the testicles
she breathlessly gasped
and fell to the floor

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