Blood and Knife

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well this ones a first 4 me so ill gonna leave do best till last =] lol

Submitted: October 14, 2008

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Submitted: October 14, 2008



Little kiddie Jacob was petrified, his parents were going to leave him all alone for the night " Just going out to dinner!" they said, but Jacob was still scared out his wits, his mum thought of something that would surely cheer him up, (surely it would?) "Jacob why dont we make a deal, if you be a big boy and stay here here all by yourself, then mummy and daddy will give a big piece of lovely cake,how about that?" (Jacobs dads eyebrows were raised...he was hoping to eat all the cake now he would have help!)Jacob, unable to talk nodded.Taking that as a yes, his mum carried on, "any way, Jill out next door neighbour will be popping in to see of your ok." So as the front door slamed, Jacob scampered to the window to wave his parents off. Then something caught his eyes, a 6 foot something that was more likely to come to him in a nightmare...a 6 foot clown with an evil grin was standing at the bottom of the road, well it ws just a clown, though Jacob, but then he realised wat it had in it's hand...a 6 inch rusty dagger! And etched on it's face was th most evilist grin probably in the whole universe! But wat scared Jacob, was dat it seemed to be looking straight at him! He rushed over to the phone and called up Jill


"Jill, Jill!!! There is a clown out side with a dagger in it;s hand!!!"

Jill said "ok i'll be round in 10 minuits" 10 minuits slowly crawled by. Jacob risked a peek outside, the clown was closer!!! Still looking him in the eye!!! So he called up Jill again.

"Jill! T hee clown still out side and it closer!" Jacobs voice choked with terror. Jill said

" Ok i'll be round in 5 minuits," 5 minuits crawled by, Jacob risked another peek, outside the clown was on theother side of the glass! He immiediately went for the phone, but a strong hand stopped him! Jacob whipped around, there was the clown! 6 foot, 6 inch blade, evil grin! Thats the same one outside! Jacob glanced outside, then with horror groaning in his heart, he realised the clown was with him all along! In that room! It was the clowns reflection on the window he saw! Then with an eviler grin, the clown raised his 6 inch blade "sweet dreams!" His hand swung down.

Jill heard a silence shattering scream. She peered through her curtains. What she saw made her gaps in horror...for splattered on the window was deep dark blood.

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