"69 Keeney Avenue". A story of Revelation and the end of the world.

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A short summary of one of the most shocking tales of the End of Days. Sonia Godunov comes to America to become a cook for the mysterious Pavlovich family in West Hartford, Connecticut. She soon finds herself involved in the dark workings of a plot to bring on Armageddon.

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



"69 Keeney Avenue" begins as a gothic romance and mystery. Young Sonia Godunov comes to America to the small New England town of West Hartford, Connecticut to be a cook for an eccentric family. The Pavlovich family welcomes her at first. Sonia is made to feel as one of the family; the aunt of the three brothers, Harriet Blom, is a sort of mother figure to the young Russian/Ukrainian girl. Sonia is encouraged to enter a local baking contest, winning to her surprise and delight. But Sonia soon discovers that each Pavlovich brother has their own plans for her. The eldest, Nicholas Pavlovich, has brought Sonia to America to be a cook for the family. he is a sort of father figure, but will eventually prove to want to use her for darker purposes. The middle brother, Ivan Pavlovich, is a wealthy real-estate agent who offers to help Sonia achieve her dreams of becoming a chef and an American citizen. But Ivan soon reveals his real interest in Sonia; she is to search for a hidden object that lies in the heart of 69 Keeney Avenue. And he will stop at nothing to force her to find it. The youngest brother, Alexander Pavlovich, seems to resent and despise Soania at first. He makes fun of her accent and her lack of sophistication. But Alexander will soon prove to be Sonia's only real friend in this mysterious and terrifying house. And Sonia will soon find herself attracted to the young, enigmatic man.

Sonia finds herself accused of murder. She attempts to prove her innocence, but is drawn deeper into the sinister plots of Ivan and Nicholas. She is also threatened by local corrupt policeman Paulie Dante, who is convinced of her complicity in several mysterious disappearances. Sonia has to find inner strength and resourcefulness to keep both her dreams and her sanity alive. By the end of "69 Keeney Avenue", she will have discovered a complicated and horrifying design to destroy the world and all the goodness in it.

"69 Keeney Avenue" is the first fiction novel by Connecticut author Coolidge Templeton. It was first published on Amazon's "Smashwords" site on Sunday, July 17th, 2011. It is currently a free download. It is rated PG.

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