Awake in a nightmare..

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A song/poem i started a while ago and finished today :) It's about someone i went out with who im in love with....

Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012



There are thousands of words running through my mind

But there isn't a single coherent one that I can find

I thought I knew you well

I thought I knew who you were

But I thought wrong because I never knew

I wish you were who I thought

I wish you'd truly loved me

I wish you'd showed me the real you

I wish you'd loved me too

Just your touch alone sends me flying

But now your voilence makes me feel like I'm dying

All your thoughtless words make me start sighing

Everyone keeps ignoring me, it seems like they're siding with you

Tell me what's happened, because I don't have a clue

Back then i loved you and I thought you loved me too

now it's just me, wondering if anything was true

Now i've woken up from my dream, and i've found myself in a nightmare

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