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A poem i wrote.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



I see not only your beaty on the outside

but also your beauty within

and the thought of unleashing your inner thoughts

is like going on a ride

and a good friend of mine once told me;

'fight for what you love'

and it's strange, because we've only just met

so why is this rushing through my head?

and the day that you finally let me see into the real you

i realised my feelings were true


i'm in love

it's nothing like what i felt with all the others

You fill my stomach with butterflies

and when i think about you, i can't hel but blissfully sigh

you make me nervous all the time

and i can't help but come up with rhymes about you

if only, i think, you'd love me too


the day you told me you loved me

i was buzzing like a bee

nothing could wipe the smile off my face

and nothing could slow the pace of my heart

for as long as you and i are friends, my heart shall never part


then came the day that i was told you no longer loved me

i wondered why i hadn't seen this coming

and the guitars of my heart stopped strumming

my heart tore in two

one part stayed with me

the other went with you.

When you walked away from me that day

you left me broken

and now i'll never be the same

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