Car 'Accident'

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So, a couple days ago i got pushed into the road when a car was coming because my ex hates me so much he wants me to die -_- but i stopped myself from falling too far into the road and kinda stumbled so i didn't get hit. But yeah this is pretty much me imagining what would've happened to me if i'd got hit kinda. lol.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



You pushed me in front of a car today

You said it would make everyone happier this way

To find out that I am dead

So they can sleep peacfully in their beds

Without angry thoughts rushing through their head

And they can have a sleep full of sweet dreams

As they replay the horrid scene

And listen happily to my terrified screams

As my body collides with metal

And my bones break as easily as petals

Hearing the screech of the tyres coming to a stop

And the soft thud as my body drops to the ground

And I lay there in the middle of the road limply

As people pass me by

Watching in bliss as I slowly die.

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