Destined for loneliness

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A poem i worote aimed at my ex ex boyfriend and the boy i love.

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



You said you'd never wish death on anyone but what about me? do i not count?

But then you said if you could kill anyone, i'd be the one

now i just want to stand up tall and shout at you

convince you to love me too

i'm tired of being a victim of this one-way love

im terrifed i'll feel this way until i'm up above

i just want to feel your lips back oin mine

to love me, make me feel fine  again

just please come back, at leat be my friend

without you, no one else bothers to help defend me

baby just hold me back in your atms

you're the only one that keeps me calm

and now without you

my heart is torn into millions of shard

and i've built a hard sheild around the parts

to keep it from continuing to tear apart even more

to ready myself for a life full of loneliness

because that's all i'm destined for

just more and more lonliness in store, for me.

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