Hatred Poem..

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A poem i wrote about my ex-boyfriend who i'm still in love with.

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



You say I'm worthless; like a piece of shit on the bottom of your shoe

And well sunshine, i just have one more thing to say to you:

who the fuck do you think you are?

You know perfectly well, that everything you say to me, leaves it own private scar

and after everything you've said to me, well i hope you rot in hell

even though i'm still under your stupid spell

i may love you with all my heart

but that doesn't mean there isn't a small part full of hate

and i know, i 'm stupid for still wishing we could be mates

i guess i've finally relised how i could've been better, all too late

because now when you look at me, your eyes are full of hate


i've finally figured out your game

you never really loved me, did you?

all you boys, you're all the same

nothing you ever said was true

i was your own little toy

completely oblivious and head-over-heels for you, boy

but of course, you knew that all along

if only i could be stronger


because of you, i feel fucking used

i feel so full of bloody pain

i always was the last option you'd choose

but sadly you wee the only thing that kept me sane


now without you, i've gone crazy

and everyday is always hazy

i feel like i'm in a nightmare

like God's just trying to give me a scare


but i know it's all real

'cos of this hurt and pain i feel

i wish my heart was made of steel

maybe then it wouldn't hurt so much

maybe i wouldn't ever think about your touch


i should've been stronger

should've tried to resist you longer

i should've locked my feelings away

maybe then i wouldn't be feeling this pain


i wish for you, my heart was full of hate

on my love, i should've closed the gate

to spare me of this living hell

to spare me of being under your spell

to spare me of feeling so much hatred.


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