I just can't help myself

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A poem about stuff...... i cant explain it, just read it lol.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



You went back on everything you ever said to me

I'm overthinking so much, I think I'm going crazy

The memories of us together, It's all so hazy

But I'm terrified I might forget

All the nice things you ever said

It feels funny thinking about the way we used to be

Especially now the way you treat me, it's crazy

You look at me with so much hatred in your eyes

The only good thing that came out of this was that I realised everything you told me was lies

You give 'empty complements' a whole new meaning

When I thought you loved me too, I must've been dreaming

But I can't help myself, because I'm still in love with you

Everything you said may've been lies, but I told you the truth

And i still am,

When I say I'm still in love with you

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