Just because I smile

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about how i feel and shit. constructive critism please :)

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012



why has everyone always got to be so mean

when they see me crying, it only makes them keen

and when they see the scars engraved upon my wrist,

the sentences they create hit me harder than their fists


i'm sorry, i didn't mean to be born

i'm just grateful that after i'm gone, i can't respawn

i wish i wasn't in this world too

i don't deserve a single breath as much as others do


it breaks my heart

to see innocent people part

from their families for death

i should be the one it takes

my death would make everyone feel better

and i wouldn't need to write a letter

because i'd have no one who would care to read it

who would care about why i died

who would blink even a single time


i have no one there for me

no one who knows everything about me and doesn't think i'm crazy

i'm surrounded by people but i'm still so alone

i smile so much, but people

don't know

that everytime it will always be fake,

just another meaningless face i'll make

my smile doesn't mean anything

just because i smile, it doesn't mean anything brings me happiness

just because i smile, it doesn't mean i'm happy

if you saw the scars on my wrist as well as my smile

it wouldn't take you a long while,

to see how i truly feel.

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