Letting Go Of You.

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A poem i wrote about letting go of my ex, shame, it's easier said than done :/

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



As soon as forever is through,

that's when i'll over you

I'm starting to wish that day comes soon

So i see the end of all this pain and misery

I was wishing on a star for you

But why, i don't have a clue

'Cos I'll neve rget you again

you loved me then

and never will again

but sometimes you just have to

hold your head up high

blink away the tears

and say goodbye

and now I'm waving you off

because i've only ever wanted you to be happy

and you're not happy with me

and to be honest I see that now

I don't know how I didn't before

but now I'm leaving the selfish whore i was

and I'm letting you go

because you're not mine for me to hold onto anymore

But I just wish I could've seen that before.

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