One minute..

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A poem about how my boyfriend changes his mind all the time and the way he acts and yeah....

Submitted: June 11, 2012

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Submitted: June 11, 2012



i try to write some happy rhymes

but it's weird, i have't written one for a long time

i try to think of things to say

but what happy things are there, when i feel this way?

i have you, my boyfriend so i won't moan

but you're barely ever there, i feel so alone

you spend days ignoring me then say i'm blanking you

but you must not realise you do that to me too



sometimes i feel like my hearts in a shredder

i'm in so much pain, without change, it won't ever get better

one minute you care

the next,  you wouldn't dare

it's like it's true love

then you treat me like the others



how can we say we date

when we barely act like mates

we don't talk, hug or kiss

so tell me babe, what's the point of this?

at first, you were so kind

i thought there's no one better i could find

but you walk straight past me without saying hi

and you don't even bother saying bye



one minute you're wiping away my tears

then the next, you dont want to be anywhere near

one minute you're hugging away all my fears

the next, you're the cause of the pain that sears

through my bones, flesh and heart

slowly and painfully causing it to part

one minute it was me and you against the world

the next, you can't find a single word.

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