Silent cries for help

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A poem i wrote a while ago. Feedback would be good :) construcive critisism (i cant spell, get over it) is welcomed :) People looking to bitch, look elsewhere :)

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



I don't want to admit it

It's easier to lie

And hide the hurt and emptiness

To smile instead of cry

I'll stick to crying silently

Argueing with myself voilently

I'm tired of faking laughs

and then privately crying over old photographs

I constantly cloud my head with false hope

It's one of the only ways to help me cope

It gives me something to hold onto

Overwise i'm scared I might sink through the floor

I feel like there's no more open doors

no more escape roots

All i want to do is grab a gun and shoot myself in the head

Just like you did when you left me for dead

but don't worry, i'll hurry up my death

no one will hear my cries, they might as well be deaf

and even if they could hear my silent screams, they wouldn't care

'Cos no one's ever truly there for me

Just like you'll never be

Just like you never were

You're only there for her.



A/N: okay, so i know this sucks. Once again, steal my poem/ song/ whatever, i kick your ass, just so were clear :)

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