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Sara Jennings feels like her life is falling apart and cant take it anymore. Her brother, Adam, and her best friend, Reece, are desperate to help her so send her to a mental asylum. Is this the help she needs, or is this just the last thing she needs to push her over the edge?

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



"For God sake, you're so annoying! I can't take this anymore, we down!" Sam growls before angrily shoving me out the way and storming off. I feel tears prick my eyes and i beg them not to fall. Please don't cry, not here.
"Sara?" I hear a voice softly say behind me. I turn around and see my best friend ever, Reece. I can't help myself and as soon as i lay my eyes on him, i throw myself into his arms and i allow the tears to fall.
"Shhhh," He says softly, trying to calm me down. My body shakes as i sob and if it wasn't for Reece, i know that i would've collapsed to my knees.
"Come on," He whispers calmly and leads me to a nearby bench. We sit down side-by -side  with his arm round my shoulders and my head buried into his chest.
"Make it stop, make the pain stop," I beg him desperately.
"Calm down baby," He says soothingly.
"Please," I urge him, pulling my head up and looking him in the eye.
"What?" He murmurs, pure confusion all over his face.
"Kill me, put an end to this misery," I answer, slightly louder this time. His eyes widen and he gasps.
"Y-you don't mean that," He stutters and hugs me again.
"Yes i do, I've had enough. I'm going to end it!" I decide, sounding more stronger and confident than before. He looks slightly scared at this statement.
"Come on, let's get you home," Reece suggests and pulls me up. Slowly, we walk to my house, his arm round my waist, holding me up the whole way. When we get to my house, i collapse on the sofa, crying and crying.
"Woah, what the hell has happened?" My brother, Adam, shouts as he enters the room. He rushes over to me and puts his arms round me.
"What's going on?" He questions again.
"Adam, can i talk to you quick?" I hear Reece say with an urgency in his voice. I feel Adam's arms leave my body and i hear them both retreating to the kitchen. I can hear them talking in hushed voices. Next, i hear my brother pick up the phone and dial a number. After that, everything goes silent. After what feel like decades later, i hear a car pull up outside. My brother rushes to the door after someone knocks on it.
"Sara Jennings?" I hear an unfamiliar feminine voice say my name. I lift my head up slightly as a response.
"Mmm?" I hum, confused.
"My name is Christina, I'm here to take you on a little trip," She says kindly, with a sad smile on her face.
"Huh?" I mutter, furrowing my eyebrows, puzzled.
"Come with me," She says softly and for some strange, unknown reason, i obey her. I slowly get up and i notice her pick up a familiar looking bag. As we walk out the front door, i hear my brother call my name.
"I'm so sorry, Sar. So, so sorry," Adam whispers, tears falling down his pale cheeks.
"Wha-?" I start but shortly get interrupted.
"Come along, Sara," The woman says and drags me to her car. I furrow my eyebrows, trying to figure out what was going on.

Soon, we pull up to a large building which looks like a large care home..
"Where are we?" I ask, confused out of my mind.
"You're going to be staying here for a while, don't worry, it's only a temporary thing. You'll be back with your brother in no time," She smiles at me sadly and pulls me inside the building. She leads me past a reception desk and down a long yellow hallway. Finally, she stops at a door which has my name on it. I raise an eyebrow and look at her expectantly.
"We were expecting you," She explains, causing me to become even more puzzled. What the hell is going on here? She opens the door and inside is a plain white room with a bed and chest of draws inside and a small bathroom attached. Christina drops the bag on the floor near the door.
"I'll leave you to get settled in," She says before hurriedly leaving the room. I hear the click as she locks the door. I pull my phone out of my pocket and quickly press 2 and then call. After 2 rings, my brother answers the phone sounding stressed.
"Hello?" He says, clearly not having read the caller ID.
"Hey, it's me," I croak.
"Sara! Are you okay?" He asks, suddenly sounding worried.
"No. I'm confused. What the heck is going on, Adam?" I growl, glaring at the plain, stupid wall.
"You've been put in a mental asylum. I'm so sorry babe but you were talking about killing yourself and we don't need a repeat of the last time. You'll be safe there, trust me," He explains, sounding nervous.
"WHAT?! You think I'm crazy?" I screech, feeling tears prick my eyes.
"No, it's just that, they'll look after you there," He argues defensively.
"Thanks a lot, Adam," I say, my voice full of hurt. I quickly hang up and i slide down onto the floor. I rest my head on my knees and let the tears fall.

After sitting like that for ages, i finally decide to carry out my plan. Surely there is something here that i can use to help me out of this stupid situation. I'll make sure my brother regrets sending me here. He'll see that they can't look after me. Because I'm sinking and I'm too deep for anyone to reach me and pull me back up. I slowly stand up and go into the mini bathroom. Aha, bath. I put the plug in the bath and turn the water on. I smile as i think of finally getting away from this mess.

After the bath is full, i slip my clothes off and get into the warm bath. 10 minutes, that's all the time it will take for me to drown. Only 10 measly minutes. I nervously lay down fully, so I'm completely under the water. I close my eyes, and let the memories flood my brain. Memories replay on my eyelids, of me and Adam at the park on the swings as little kids, of him beating up my first ever boyfriend for making me cry. Me and Adam had been through it all. We'd had our fair share of blood, sweat, tears and laughs together. Like all siblings, we'd had fall outs, but we always sorted it out in the end. Then Reece came into my head, poor Reece, i hadn't even thought about what this would do to him. We were best friends, had been since we were 2 years old. Oh well, it won't be that hard for him to replace me, he must've known about Adam phoning Christina up to have me sent away to a stupid mental asylum. I can't believe it, the only two people in the whole world that i trust, betray me and send me away. How could they be so thoughtless?! I could slowly feel the darkness pulling me under. My eyes were beginning to droop and my lungs and throat were beginning to burn. Smiling blissfully, i close my eyes and slowly fall into a deep sleep.

Adam's POV
I pick the TV remote up and switch the channel. Awesome, wrestling! I grin falsely and watch it, bored. Normally, I'd be screaming and shouting at the TV, but i just don't feel like it anymore. I can't believe i called someone to take my little sister away. What kind of a brother am i?! I frown and look down at my hands, thoughtfully.
"Adam, open the door!" I hear Reece's voice yell as he bangs on the front door with his fist. Slowly, i get up and walk to the door, before opening it and raising an eyebrow expectantly.
"The news, put the news on, now!" He shouts and rushes over to the TV and changes the channel. Confused, i furrow my eyebrows, wondering the hell he is doing.
"Westwood Mental Asylum will be closing down, due to these circumstances. If one patient there manages to kill themselves, then all of them could. It just simply isn't safe. Sincere sympathies to the family of Sara Jennings, may her soul finally rest in peace,"  The reporter finishes with a sad, sympathetic look plastered on her face. My stomach drops and i feel sick and light headed. I look to Reece with wide eyes and i notice a tear rolling down his cheek.
"Is it true?" I whisper, not trusting my voice.
"Yes, I'm so sorry, Adam," Reece replies, his voice cracking half way through. I fall to my knees and curl up into a ball, howling with pain, regret and guilt.

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