You'd love it..

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a poem i wrote about a month ago with all questions to my ex ex.

Submitted: February 13, 2012

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Submitted: February 13, 2012



If i had a gun in my hand

would you try to understand

why my depressed cries are my only sound?

would you even bother trying to talk me round?

of would you just push me that final bit more

calling me a pathetic little whore

would you take in being the one to break me?

would you grin at the fact that you're the person that drove me crazy?

would it relax you knwing i'm gone?


would you truly be happier with me dead?

is it true, everything that you said?

i try to convince myself that you were just messing with my head

that you'd regret it all if i was dead

i pretend that you would miss me so much

that you would regret being such a bully

but i know deep down that i'm just being silly

you'd bask at the thought of my suicide

you'd love it that it's the end of my ride

because you'd love it if i died.

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