The Apocalypse

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is about a young gentlemen who wakes up in the apocalypse and tries to survive during crazy event/actions. Can he survive?

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The beginning

Submitted: March 30, 2016

''James! Time for dinner!'' My mom would shout, in a loud obnoxious voice. ''Coming!'' I ran down stairs, super fast and sat in the chair... Read Chapter

Someone new

Submitted: March 30, 2016

As I ran out the door, I pulled out my knife, noticing, there were more of them. I started to run and pushing some of them down like I wa... Read Chapter

A New Life

Submitted: March 30, 2016

''Ashlynn, where are we heading?'' ''I have a group down the road from here. It has alot of people and I'm pretty sure they would like so... Read Chapter

A Bloody Day

Submitted: March 30, 2016

''So, James, you're  a fellow young gentlemen, right?'' I cleared my voice before I was getting ready to answer her question. ''Yes,... Read Chapter

I Never Wanna Let You Go, Either!

Submitted: March 30, 2016

After  I stabbed Jake, I looked up towards Ashlynn. My wrists were covered in blood. I then got up. ''We should burry his body.... Read Chapter

Here We Go!

Submitted: March 31, 2016

The next morning, I open my eyes and got up and changed into my clothes. I opened the door and saw Ashlynn and headed straight towards he... Read Chapter

The Supply Run Danger

Submitted: March 30, 2016

Sorry I wasn't posting any chapters! I had this chapter not posted because, I was to lazy to make finish it. But, here you go! Read Chapter

The Note

Submitted: April 08, 2016

Here you go! Another crazy chapter! Keep up the views guys for reading my book! Writing this story is tuff. Fighting scenes, walker scenes, ect. Read Chapter