Rising to the challenge.

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It’s about a man doing what he loves. But he will have to take on his fear of tight places as well.

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013




I was standing there admiring the submarine. In a couple of minutes some of us would climb in and make are way down. As I closed my eyes my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest.


“ Nervous, new guy?” asked Corey. He stood next to me. “What’s your name again?”


“Jordan,” I said.


“That's right, that's right.”


“Ok everyone pile in,” said the captain. The three of us climbed in the submarine. The captain was the last one to enter, closing the top as he climbed in. We each stuck are headphones on. The rest of the team was on the other end of the headphones giving orders. The massive sub began to vibrate as the engines turned on. My heart was beating even faster. I would not admit this to the other crewmembers, but I was afraid of the ocean. More important, I was afraid of drowning. As the submarine began to dive into the ocean, I found myself holding my hands praying.


“Wow would you look at that,” said Corey. It was amazing watching the ocean fly by. The submarine was making its way through the ocean depths, almost hitting the ground but never quite touching. We had found the spot we needed to be at and began to dive even deeper. We kept going and going until it was dark and the lights outside the submarine turned on. We had found what we where looking for; a ship long forgotten. We drove around the sunken ship, examining different areas while taking notes. As time went by I was no longer nervous.


“Ok, I think that's enough for today,” said the captain. “Lets go back, get some food in are stomachs, and some sleep.” As we started making our way back to base camp, I looked over my notes. The submarine began to rumble. “That's not good,” said the captain. He began to fumble with the instruments, but nothing seemed to work. My heart began to beat hard again. The lights turned off and the submarine went quite. “Ok, lets see here. No need to worry, I’ve done this a million times.” My mind started playing tricks on me, imagining us running out of air and dying. I could not help but start breathing really hard.


“You all right there Josh,” asked Corey.


“My names Jordan,” I said.


“Right, right,” said Corey. The submarine started making really loud noises. The lights flickered on and off. Finally the lights turned back on and the submarine began to ascend again. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “Are you alright there, it looks like you were about to pee your pants.” Both Corey and the Captain started to laugh. “Don't look so down the last guy really did.”


“So this has happened before?” I said.


“Of course. Didn’t you hear the captain?  He’s done this a million times,” said Corey.


The submarine finally rose to the surface and we were pulled in by the rest of the team. I was happy to be back on solid ground again. “Did you get anything good,” asked a man coming out of the building.


“We sure did,” said Corey. “What do you make of this Dave?” It was a strange symbol that we found on the ship.


“I don't know, looks alien.”


“We will talk about this later. Lets get some food for now,” said the captain.


“Josh, you going back down with us tomorrow?” asked Corey.


“Of course, and my name is Jordan.”  

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