Not Just Singing in the Rain

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Justin and Sarah lose track of time... and end up in a little trouble.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



Justin and I were out on our usual walk around the grounds of my beloved college. Hand in hand down The Avenue, we talked about our day and the amount of homework we still had yet to finish. I had a quiz the next day. Justin had about 300 pages to read, but we didn’t care. We were so in love. It was difficult spending the hours in class away from each other, and at the time we agreed to spend every waking moment we had, together.

The flowers were just starting the bloom. It was still March, but Indiana had an incredibly warm winter. Naturally, flowers came with the sun, and the sun had been out every day with temperatures already reaching the 70s. The trees were blossoming with purple flowers. The petals felt like silk as they dropped from the top when the wind blew across my face, and the setting sun still warmed my bare feet. Justin always worried that I didn’t wear shoes, but eventually he gave up trying to tell me what to do. I would always be a summer time Indiana girl. & Lord knows, if I don’t have to wear shoes, I won’t.

I took him on the usual path I like to walk, all the way down the Avenue and around near the Church. I always found it so peaceful at the edge of campus, where the flowers can grow out of hand, and the trees are as old as the first buildings on campus, back in 1844. That is the way his hand felt, as strong as the trees that stood near the river. We continued to walk, side by side. Sometimes we didn’t ever say anything. We didn’t have to.

We eventually came to a small bench that overlooks to the river, where there is a clearing in the trees. The grass is so tall, and we could see the deer prancing through the flat land. We sat down.

“Isn’t this beautiful, Justin? I used to come here a lot my freshman year to think and reflect, especially when my workload was hard. I wanted to give up. I used to sit here and watch the sunset, like we’re doing now. I felt at peace. Nothing, nothing is more beautiful, even now.”

Justin reached out to touch my face.

“Yes Sarah, what I see is beautiful.”

He leaned in and kissed me ever so slightly on the lips. It was the kind of kiss that leaves a girl wanting more, but he let go. I sighed, and looked out watching the last few minutes of the sunset. Justin saw I was shaking a little and put his arm around me. It was getting cold. As the sun took its last final glance, he leaned in again and kissed me. This time much more passionate.

He took my face in his hand, and started playing with my hair, wrapping my ringlets around his fingers. He started kissing my ears and my neck.

I stopped him.

“Justin. We should stop.”


“Well, it’s just… we are so close to the Church, and the convent is right there. Right around the corner! I mean… what if one of the sisters sees us.”

“What afraid 101 year old Sister Margaret is going to hit you with her ruler?”

I tried not to laugh.

“Maybe I want them to see.”

I gave a little gasp, “What?”

“Yes… let’s show these ladies what they’ve been missing.”

He took my head in his hands and kissed me passionately. My catholic guilt started to settle in, but the way Justin kisses… I couldn’t resist him anymore.

He continued to rub my hair and my neck. Soon enough, his hand reached up my shirt and touched my breast, softly caressing every inch of skin until he reached my bra. I was already moaning a little. He was trying to kiss me to silence me but highly unsuccessful. His hands moved down and came around to my back. Then, ever so gently he rubbed up and down my lower spine, sending soft vibrations up to my brain. Every touch took a little of my breath away.

“Like that, don’t you? Just a little bit up…” Taking my breath away. “And a little bit down.”

A small breath escaped me. I was sitting on his lap, grabbing him around the neck struggling to breathe. It was a tingling sensation. It felt amazing. It was surprisingly sensual without touching me other places…

The way his hands felt against my body sent shivers down my spine. Just as he began to kiss me on the lips again… I felt a drop of water.

“Did you feel that?” Justin asked. “Is it raining?”

Sure enough the clouds had come in while we were sitting on the park bench together.

“Get up! Let’s try to make it back to your dorm before the storm hits!” Justin yells over the spontaneous thunder.

Too late.

It was a torrential downpour, before I even had a chance to agree with him. We start running. I’m lagging behind like usual. Ms. Failed-Her-Gym-Final was not keeping up with her athletic boyfriend.

“COME HERE!!” Justin yelled through the rain.

As I ran toward him, he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulders. He started running with me like I was just a sack of potatoes. I could tell his urge to be manly was wearing out. Justin hadn’t been working out this semester because his school load had gotten too difficult to keep up with. Besides, Justin would have rather spent his afternoon playing capture the flag with his friends instead of lifting weights.

“Justin! Justin! Just put me down!” I started to laugh. He was running out of breath, and I was barely on him. I was pushing on his butt just so I wouldn’t land on my head.

He put me down. We both looked like a couple of drown rats. My makeup was probably running like crazy, and I don’t think his face could have looked funnier. He was totally disgruntled, but as he looked at me, he started laughing too.

We couldn’t contain ourselves. We were already soaked to our skins, and decided two more minutes wouldn’t kill us. He kissed me, like the Notebook kiss. He laughed and pushed back my hair.

“Isn’t this what every girl dreams of?”

I smiled at him. “Justin, every girl doesn’t dream about moments like these. She dreams of the man to have moments like this with.”

He kissed me even harder and picked me up honeymoon style.

It didn’t take long for us to decide to go in after we heard a loud crack of thunder and a tree falling maybe a few hundred yards from where we were standing.

As we ran into the main hall, the front desk worker looked at us like we were a couple of idiots. We were dripping wet, but he kissed me right in front of her, in front of the whole hall.

I couldn’t stop laughing every time he put his lips on me. So he picked me up, and carried me over to the elevator.

“You need to go to bed, Sarah. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I didn’t want him to go. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part of the evening.

“Okay. Goodnight.”

“….Ugh just one last one.”

He kissed me softly on the lips.

“I love you, Sarah.”

He kissed me on the forehead, as I replied, “I love you, too.”

The elevator rang, and I stepped in watching him leave. As the doors closed, I pressed the button that said number 4, and the old elevator took me up to the work I had yet to finish.

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