Marry You... Some Day From Now?

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its about staying true to yourself and knowing when something with someone in your life isn't working any-more...

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



He said he will marry me some day

That was what he said today

The words that any woman would collapse over

Yet I sat there wondering what that meant

Suddenly a million things filled my mind

It could mean tomorrow

It could mean next year

The days never end and the days can be infinite

What he said will happen some day

What he said with such passion and promise

Could never happen

And some day

What does that mean, does it mean that i shouldn’t leave him

That I am his promised and confused lover sought to figure out

When and what that one day could be like for me

I sat there with a knot in my throat

Not from sadness but from anger at the game he thought

Could be played by two fools in love

But he was wrong, not two fools in love, not even one

I loved him when the one day was real and i could see it

And he loved me when he could be truthful to me

without the hesitation i sat as his lips made little shapes

I heard those words, those empty words

And suddenly i saw through him and he saw right through me

My love was gone along with forgotten words

And his love had disappeared along with the lies he told

Yes he said he would marry me one day

but would he still marry me if i told him that i didn't love him anymore

he was not the boy i had met a year before

and even a year before he had proposed the same

yet i said yes, but because he had changed

i didn't want to say anymore

yes he said he will marry me some day

but my response to those crazy words had changed

some day just wasn't enough

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