Face Beneath

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Tara wakes up next to the man she's been with for 5 years but sees with her eyes a totally different person. Will Tara believe her self or the man she loves?

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



The sun has already set and the darkness looms over the narrow trees. The scenic route home becomes an eerie path and the soft breeze becomes a howling wind. "I have to get home soon or something will definitely get me." Tara mumbles to herself while she quickly walks through the crunchy leaves in the direction of home. Her hands sweating with anxiety, clenches inside her joggers. Then, she heard a rustle just above her. She stopped, looked around her quickly, and ran as fast as she could. She sensed danger and waiting to find out what it was could kill her. She ran through the trees, not even sure if she was going the right way, all she knew was don't look back and keep running forward. A loud screech echoed through the darkness. It sounded like a huge bird with a large throat. Tara dared to look up and she saw it. It was a large cat with the head and wings of an eagle. Its wing span is about 15 feet and its body length is about half of that. The catbird spotted her. She ran as fast as she could. Should she keep running? Or should she hide? She came upon a large bush and hid behind it. She buried herself deep into the bush, the branches poking her body and face. The bird screeched once more, circling around just above her. She knew she was found. She scrambled to her feet to run but she couldn't get up. She fell on her back and watched the catbird swoop down towards her. She watched as its sharp beak flew towards her like a flying axe. Its eyes met hers and glared deep within her soul. Her heart boomed like a gun shot and her legs flew upwards. She quickly got up and held her chest while it heaves. She could hear her heart through her ears. It was just a dream. "I have to stop dreaming like this, I might have a heart attack soon." Tara thinks to herself as she settles back in bed. She lays on her pillow and glances at the person sleeping next to her. He's sound asleep and she envies him.

The TV blared from the living room and woke her up. Tara turns over and the other side of the bed is Jason-less. "He must be up early for Sunday cartoons." Tara thought in her sleepy head. She gets up from the bed and searches for her slippers with her feet. "Groceries, laundry, and gym. Groceries, laundry, and gym." Tara chants her to-dos to herself every morning on her way to the bathroom. As she turns the knob, she hears the faucet run. "Jason? Can I come in?" Tara calls out from the other side of the door. "Yeah, come in!" says a raspy male voice. Tara proceeds to the sink, next to the man in a bathrobe, and scoops water from the running faucet then splashes it to her face. She wipes her face with the towel next to the mirror then another gunshot. Her heart almost exploded. The man she was looking at in the mirror, the reflection of the man next to her, the man she met 5 years ago, is not the same man. His black clean cut hair was replaced with a bald spot and a receding hairline. The firm shoulders she was immediately attracted to 5 years ago when they met, became two saggy pieces of meat with liver spots. His toned abs and distinct v-cut down to his crotch became a giant blob of fat and hair. His face. His face is of a stranger. "WHO ARE YOU?" Tara screamed hysterically. "WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE'S JASON?" She screams as she quickly backs off, falling onto the toilet. Her eyes widened with fear, her legs trembled, and her lips quivered in disbelief. "It's me babe." Jason replies with sadness in his eyes. He hung his head and covered his face with his hands. "It's me. I swear. This is how I really look." Jason shakes where he stood and sobs. Tara, still frozen with fear, stays sitting on the toilet. Frozen in time, they both searched in their minds the reality they both supposedly share. Another gunshot.

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