As If I Had a Chance

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Venting poem... I suck at romance. Majorly.

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



My heart skips a beat when I think of him:

He's the smile inducing, butterfly feeling,

The burst of infectious laughter that you can't fight,

And the mystery from all the secrets you know he's concealing.

He's the one I can picture waking up next to,

That one person who can make it all better.

The man who doesn't call you a temperature,

But doesn't quite hold an umbrella over you in bitter weather.

He's the funny spark to a darker day,

The one who can turn it all around.

The guy who doesn't mind holding your bag

Or sliding on his ass with you,

Step by step, til you reach the ground.

He is the guy to be insane with,

The one who doesn't mind that I'm shorter.

That guy who will joke around about the strangest of things,

Or run at walls with you, trying to reach Platform Nine and Three Quarters.


She's that girl who everyone loves,

The girl who no one disses.

Even though she's cruel and mean,

She's the one everyone misses.

That girl that makes you feel out of your mind,

The one who could turn everyone in the room blind.

With a fiery smile and words like a knife,

She's that girl you almost wish to be all your life.

She is the girl you think you can trust,

The one who was supposed to be your friend.

But then it turns out that she's been playing you all along,

Yet you have no idea how things will end.


I'm the one who sits on the sidelines,

That one clumsy person you make fun of.

I'm the one who can laugh at her own mistakes,

The person who can never truly find love.

I'm the person who helps plan dates,

The one who tries her hardest to fit in.

That one girl who wants to be better

But is stopped before the glory could begin.

I am the girl who waits in line

The person who never gets the turn.

Yet here I am, praying to God,

That maybe this time, I won't have to learn.

I'm the girl who isn't quite pretty

And isn't very special, either.

If you were to ask me if I'd ever been in a serious relationship

Or had much of one at all,

I'd have to say neither.

I'm the girl who is different

The one who spends most days with my nose in a book,

But with him, I feel pretty, I feel wanted.

To be honest, I'm surprised he ever gave me a second look.


But he's the guy who likes us both

And I cannot compete with her.

If the odds were stacked,

My loss is almost sure.

Whether or not he winds up with me

Is a chase around the bush, or maybe a prance.

Because if you had to choose,

Between her or me,

The decision would be easy,

As if I ever had a chance.


© Copyright 2017 Coralie. All rights reserved.

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