Because I Said So

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I'm tired of people telling me what to do, and then their only supporting reason to make me is "I said so." If there's anything that makes me pissed off, I can assure you, it's that.

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013



“I said so,”

He says to me, the dominance in his voice rising.

For someone else, that reason might be good enough, but for me it doesn’t suffice.

Do you honestly think that you have authority over me?

Me, the girl who has convinced you so many times to abandon the dark thoughts that creep into your brain when you can’t sleep.

Me, the girl who had waited a year and a half, all for naught?

“Now tell me,”

He says to me, the anger in his voice rising.

It might have worked many times before, but then I was different.

That was when I was so insecure, you could have wrapped me around your finger for giving me a second thought.

That was the past, before the countless nights of crying myself to sleep over you, while you had no guilt over what you had done.

Now I have dignity, now I have integrity. You do realize, you don’t control me.

“Now or I leave.”

He says to me, trying to pose a threat.

Well that would be a relief to me, I would be rid of these demons.

I’d never again worry that I would wake up one day to find the cops knocking at my door, claiming it was my fault that you took your own pathetic life.

I could live without having to double check every word I say; I wouldn’t have to conceal myself from the outside world in fear of crossing some unknown line.

In fact, I’d do so much better without you at all.

“Then get lost.”

I say to you, finally regaining the strength that has been absent for so long.

The look on your face is priceless, the fire in your eyes wild.

But for once in a long time, I’m not afraid of being left by you again.

I refuse to succumb to the ideas of what we once might have had, and I will not fall victim to the lies anymore.

I smile at what I had done as I see a tear roll down your face.

You’ll soon understand that you fucked with the wrong girl.

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