Empathy for a Liar

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This one is a spoken word poem. Sort of. While it was for school, I had mainly written it directed toward someone who had once been a good friend of mine. I actually ended up reading this in my class and it apparently gave some people chills, or whatever. I don't know. People are weird. Here it is.

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Submitted: May 24, 2013



Do youe ver get that feeling in the pit of your chest?

When something leaves you reeling in a state of unrest?

You don't understand what's coming or what's going,

So long as it's going, flowing, like the sea at bay.

Do you get that warm bliss when you see him?

Do you get that hollow ache when you miss him?

Or do you want that dark dream that you never knew you had,

When you're seething like a tiger,

When you're unperturbed or sad?

Does this make a lick of sense to you, or is it just insane?

Or does this edge away at your conscience,

Until it's just the lies you created that remain?

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