Veni, Vidi, Vici

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about sabotaging an enemy whom you were once close with.

Submitted: November 06, 2012

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Submitted: November 06, 2012



With all of the twisted
Lies and rumors around us,
So much has been listed
Under as keeping tally and score.
Love isn’t a game,
And neither is war,
But when it all comes to blame,
Here you are again, knocking at my door.

Only enlisting in help
When it you want and you need
But when it comes to myself?
You never believe
In the words that I’m saying,
What they really do mean,
You keep on delaying
The strength I require to succeed.

I attempted to help you
And enlisted that of others
But you refuse and better yet,
Backstab me to fellow brothers.
So I made my mistake,
I shall so it only once,
See, your morals are all entirely fake
And you are a dunce.

Consider this infiltration
From the inside out,
It will surely exceed all expectation.
For all who have doubted me,
They all shall finally now see,
Not to deny the credit of one
Who so clearly had more than done
Her share of work,
Her effort to strive.
You all do not notice
It’s me who has been keeping
This fire alive.

So let it be known
For miles far and wide
That what you’ve been doing
Is manipulative inside.
You rely on confusion
To cover up what lies in your past
Yet to rely on you?
That trust could never last.

Is this sabotage?
Well anyone could answer that.
From the queen of England
To a dirty sewer rat,
They all can tell what you cannot.
You’ve participated in this battle,
You’ve come and you’ve fought.
Well veni, vidi,
You did come and you did see,
But vici?
That goes all to me.

Without your games and your strategies
There’s nothing, my dear,
Since you’re playing with fire,
It is I whom you should fear.
See, I know all your tactics,
And where your heart lies.
With me there is nothing
That you could ever hide.

I’m not playing weak,
And I’m not playing strong,
But to put it simply,
I’m in the place I belong.
Unlike you, I do not
Lurk around under covers
Unlike you, I won’t be caught
Because my motives are for another.

Hide my motives behind a deceitful smile
One that could not be read
In any fashion or style.
See, I have the experience
At captivation the crowd.
Whereas your skills at that,
Stop right at being boastful and being loud.
Sometimes it is better,
To crawl your way in.
Yes, I’m fully aware
That lying is a sin.

Take your action and take flight
By the end of this night,
Expect for all to be aware
Of the demons you possess,
The secrets we share.
If I were in your position,
I know I would be ready
For the world to fall apart,
Because this much I know,
I can control your heart.

© Copyright 2020 Coralie. All rights reserved.

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