Girl's Diary..

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Its about a girl who learns a very valuable lesson based on her experiences.

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



This is MY diary.Of course its not real.All of this letters written down here is all fake.Its all from my mind.Its like another world but in my head,that nobody else knows about it.My name is Alysha,Im 14 and lets say I try to be the best at everything but in my school Im just another dork there.Im not popular and I don’t want to be.And like every other teenager I do have a crush..His name is Brandom,I love his eyes,smile,hair and voice..EVERYTHING.But he doesn’t even know I exist.Well I think.My life is messed up.I have an older sister,Karly,she doesn’t give a crap about me.Im sorry for the word I just said there but its true so I just wont lie and ill write my story the way I want to write it.



Anywho im not a nerd or anything but I do have good grades.I want to enter to the honor so badly.I love to write stories and I also draw.All my stories are for myself,I don’t show it to everyone.Its embarrassing,sometimes..It depends on what my story is based on.This is my first story I show to everybody whos reading it.If you don’t like it so far don’t keep reading.But its kinda worth it ,you will learn a very valuable lesson like I did.I learned that in order to succeed in life you have overcome those obstacles that are in your way.Some times you gotta be brave,you gotta stand out for yourself and especially for others who cant,you have to learn who you can trust and who you cant and last who are your real friends and who aren’t.



I have two best friends,Chloe and Ashley.Chloe is very quite and awkward.Shes just weird in a really bad way,haha.And shes not smart in any way.And well Ashley is pretty smart and quick,shes funny and random.Theyre both my best friends.We work together and do everything like sisters.Chloe is the kind of girl who doesn’t give a fuck about grades or school.Shes like emo but not emo because she gets an F and she starts to cry but when she has the chance to get her grade up she doesn’t even try to get it up shes like “Ehh,ill just leave it like that” I really don’t get her.Her family is poor and the thing is that her parents work so hard just to have her in a private school and she doesn’t see it and get bad grades I mean shes just special.She doesn’t do homework either and never does anything in any project,I never liked her so much,she always had something I never liked.She makes me feel depressed sometime.And in luch,when she eats,she looks like godzila eating a big mac.Its like she hasn’t even ate in a hundred years.Oh and by the way shes so sentimental.So you CANT GO TO HARSH ON HER or she will cry.


Oh and I’ve never been in her house I mean is like her family has a god damn jungle in there that they don’t want us to see.But every house is like that can you just clean it..? oh wait I forgot her mom is a lazy ass.Sometimes it looks like her mom doesn’t even care about her.Once her mom and dad forgot to pick her up from school and all of her clothe doesn’t even fit on her.So sometimes just be nice I give her clothes that I don’t use anymore.I guess this is it for today hope you read my next section.

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