Live, Laugh, Love: My Definition

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finding the light in Jesus.

Submitted: September 04, 2009

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Submitted: September 04, 2009



Live, laugh, love
WordsI hear,
but can't seem to comprehend
Why should I?
How can you live,
When you have no reason to?
When you have no goals, or ways to each them?
When you cannot find that golden light at the end of the tunnel,
because, for you, there is none ahead?
Why would I?
How can you laugh,
When all you seem to do is cry?
When all that surounds you is darkness and oppression?
When solitude has become, not an escape, but a prison and you find that
Misery and a blade go hand in hand, and are your best friends?
How could I?
How can you love,
When there is no one worth loving?
When anything you had ever even barely cared about was torn from you?
When the very beings you trusted with your heart and soul turned to be your worst enemies?
These were my thoughts
Every. Single. Day.
FIrst thoughts uponwaking,
Last before dropping into a fitful sleep.
I had heard the words,
The people saying,
Live, Laugh, Love!
But allit brought was confusion and angst
Why?! Why couldn'tI see the meaning of those three small words??
In time,
I found a why, and a how.
The Lord Jesus Christ.
He has saved me,
Redeemed me,
and shown me the light.
He has taught me how to laugh,
To stop the tears from coming,
And to put the blade, away.
He gave me His love..
His never-ending
Ever-merciful love.
He will not abandon me,
and His love
Has given me a reason to live.
To love Him,
and above all,
to love myself.

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