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Book review over the title book of the Blue Blood seres by Melissa de la Cruz

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013




Since the dawn of Twilight (no pun intended), most people don't want to be caught dead reading a young adult vampire novel. Sadly, the idea that reading a vampire novel now makes you equivalent to a prepubescent girl or a lonely middle aged cat lady has deterred many from picking up another. Bracing myself for the possibility that Melissa de la Cruz has jumped on to the band wagon of sparkling vampires, I took a chance and read her novel Blue Bloods.


The story depicts the not-so-glamorous life of Schuyler Van Alen. Her attire and attitude deviate from those of her haughty classmates at Duchesne, the New York City private school for children of the elite. This gains her few friends and an enemy named Mimi Frost. Her twin brother, Jack, begins to focus his attention on Schuyler after one of Mimi's friends is found dead with mysterious blue veins pulsing from her arm. To make matters even stranger, Schuyler receives a letter of admittance to “The Committee.” Unaware of what “The Committee” entails, she reluctantly agrees to the induction due to her grandmother's insistence.


As the story progressed, the book definitely exceeded my expectations. My interest in the book was sparked by one of my superiors referring to me as one of the lesser characters called Bliss. Not understanding the reference, I checked out the book to find out about the similarities. This was, of course, after my internal spiel about Twilight, but none of that mattered because the novel managed to hold a nice personal connection between me and an old friend.


Connection aside, Blue Bloods separates itself from the other current vampire novels. The author development keeps the reader engaged by hinting at threats along the plot. The potential dangers take a snowball effect, so the audience is constantly pushed to foreshadow the upcoming events. Melissa de la Cruz also an abundance of allusions throughout the novel that are interesting to use when trying to decipher Schuyler's predicament.


They work well in her advantage by appealing to others that indulge in history and mythology. The author recreates an explanation for the disappearing colonists at Roanoke and the Mayflower voyage. The vampires have an elaborate history with unique angelic and demonic ties. Young adults are not the only age group that would be awed by this twist of fantasy.


Anyone that has felt like an outsider would connect with this story and feel comforted relating to Schuyler. It would inspire them to also strengthen the few relationships they have and acquire much more. Others should also read this novel to help readers rediscover the wonders of vampire without public scrutiny. Fans of the classical Anne Rice novels will no longer have hide their love for these immortal blood suckers due to the negative stigmas. Whether or not a person likes to associate vampires with sparkles or demons, Blue Bloods is a tale that will leave most readers craving for more with the additional Blue Bloods installments. 

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