It Gets Better by Corazon Nozaroc

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

a short story i wrote after waking up from a nightmare one night i know its not perfect but i like it.



It Gets Better


There I was standing above the ground my life behind me all I had to do was fall and the pain of this life would fade into the past and I would be gone.  All I had to do was fall the ground screaming and my head praying that I won’t.  As thoughts race through my mind memories come up good and bad all shouting do it fall, give up, disappear.  Then I tip backwards and fall.  Everyone says your life flashes before your eyes when you are dying and its true it does.

I have few memories from when I was a kid; new bikes, slides, other kids, parents yelling, people calling me names, falling, and kids pushing me.  One that was most prominent was the first time I got called a name.  I was at the park swinging feeling like I could fly away from all my problems like I always did but always having to slow down sooner or later when someone called my name.  “Kiki,” they shout at me, “Kiki slow down I want to talk to you!”

“About what?”I questioned.

“Just slow down already come on!”  They yelled back so I slowed down reluctantly knowing I most likely wouldn’t get my swing back so I wouldn’t get fly any more today.  As I get slow enough to hop off I jump and run over to my friend feeling like I was on top of the world.  “Did you tell my mom I had taken Jake’s toy?” he asked me.

“Well yeah she asked. Why?” I replied

“You bitch!  You weren’t supposed to tell anyone!”  he yelled pushing me down, “You are such a tattletale I can’t believe you!  You were supposed to be my friend you cheater, you traitor, you liar!”

“She asked me, Timmy, I’m sorry,” I said softly standing back up.

“Well bitch you are supposed to keep your mouth shut because you are my friend!  This is my playground go away!” he shouted hitting me in the stomach knocking me down again.  I start sniffling and I stand up and walk home.  I get home before I start crying and tell my mom all that happened she told me Timmy was right it’s not good to be a cheat.  That was the day I stopped telling my mother my problems.


For the next few years I go through the tween phase I have to have all the name brands, I have crush on the popular guy because everyone does, and one day I realize I like this girl but I tell no one because they would think it’s wrong.  Mostly I try to block these years out they were day after day of mindless boy talk and ugly practically matching clothes but I remember this one day I hear a popular girl talking about me, “Did you see what Kiki was wearing today?”

“Yes it was so ugly just like her face,” said another.

“I heard she kissed Ryan behind the dumpster!” another exclaimed.

“Bitch!” said one

“More like slut, hoe, and whore!” exclaimed the last and they walked off laughing as I broke down into tears around the corner.

As my teenage years come the memories become more and more clear but more and more painful as they go.  The names thrown at me hurting my heart, pain, suffering, and tears.  One time two people decided to hit me and I fell to the ground crying and they burst out laughing. One said, “What’s wrong dyke?”

“She’s a hoe who cares!” the other laughed throwing dirt in my face.

“Good point.  Watch this,” he said picking up a rock and throwing it at me.  As it hit I heard their laughter and then nothing.

I slowly fade back into the world my friend Ryan shaking me yelling, “Kiki!  Kiki!  Please Kiki wake up!  I don’t know what I would do without you!”

“I’m sorry Ryan,” I mumble.

“Kiki I’m just happy that you are alright!” he says with tears in his eyes.

“I’m sorry.” I say.

“Kiki what would make you do this?” he questions.

“My life is terrible.” I reply.

“Kiki please don’t do this again ever!  Life gets better.” he says




Submitted: April 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Corazon Nozaroc. All rights reserved.

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