If I May/May I Be

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If I may.....

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



Boys POV

If I may be as so bold to say you look so beautiful.

If I may be as so jelous to say he isn't worth you.

If I may be as so forward to say I want you.

That is the worst thing, I want you, so so much.

You are mine and mine alone.

If I may be so arrogant, I'm all you need.

Why do you stick with the morons? The dumb jocks with the muscules and thick skulls.

What do they have that I don't?

Oh yes, you.

I may act idiotic, may act like a smartarse but I will always be your friend.

I get it, you like these boys cause you won't get hurt if they leave you or you won't feel guilty if you love another.

I understand but,

If I may be more than your best friend....

Can I just be yours?


Grils POV

May I be so strong to say you look like my fallen angel.

May I be so heartbroken to say she doesn't deserve you.

May I be so open to say I need you.

I need you so much it hurts.

You are my air, water, earth and fire and so much more.

May I ask, do you need me too?

Why do you sit alone, blocking everyone out, and only acting un-statue like around me and your best friends?

What is it that drives you away from me?

Oh yes, you don't want an attatchment that lasts more than a week.

I may act all tuff and enthusiastic on the outside but I'm slowly and painfully dying on the inside.

May I curl up in your arms and kiss you and love you forever because, right now,

looking at you doing your homework while you let those girls fawn over you is crushing me.




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