Horses, Zebras, Asses, gods, wars, & Politics of the Equidae

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An analogy of american history and possible future told by following the lifes of three equidae and a monkey.

Submitted: June 20, 2008

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Submitted: June 20, 2008



Horses, Zebras, Asses, gods, wars,


Politics of the Equidae

A horse, a zebra, and a donkey are sitting in a pasture discussing life.

The donkey says,

 "Everything is good, nature is beautiful. God is a glorious brown donkey that has made me in his image."

The zebra righteously responds,

"No, no, no! God is a black and white striped deity, and if I dedicate my life to him when I die he will give me many young zebra virgins to enjoy for all eternity in his heavenly kingdom."

Looking somewhat amused, the horse speaks,

"You both are slightly misguided. There is only one true god and I know him. If you accept his son, who died for your sins, as your personal savior you can join him after your time here is over."

The three sat and brewed in frustration until eventually they blocked off sections of the pasture and claimed them as their own deciding only to let in others that were the same as them.

Over the years the horse's pasture grew many large trees that bared fruit and was next to a beautiful waterfall.

The zebra's section of pasture had turned to gravel and sand over the years but had a wealth of other natural resources which they found they could trade for things that the horses had in abundance.

The Donkey's pasture had very little natural resources, and trees would seldom grow, but they found a way to craft items that horses and zebras would barter for food and other necessities.

There were many disagreements among the different pastures and at one point the horses even held the donkeys as slaves and made them work for nothing. But better judgment eventually prevailed and the donkeys were set free. The horses were embarrassed and regretful of that moment in history. The horses opened a free trade agreement with the donkeys and helped them rebuild a society.  The Donkeys began to reestablish a culture and once again enjoyed a stable region of the pasture. 

Soon relations became somewhat peaceful between the equidae and immigration between pastures became commonplace.

One day a monkey came to the land and planted banana trees on the border of all three pastures. Over the years monkeys began to come to the banana trees as it seemed a promising new home. 

The three equidae gathered to discuss the monkey's immigration to their land.

"I don't like these monkeys coming to the center of our land and taking it over!"

Said the Horse.

"Well they have just as much of a right to be here as we do. All creatures are equal under the watchful eyes of the all powerful brown donkey god!"

Said the donkey.

"I thought we had already settled this years ago!"

The zebra continued,

"God is a zebra and that is fact!"

The horse just smiled and said, "Brothers, don't quarrel remember god's son loves us all!"

The zebra huffed and puffed in anger and shouted,

"That is it! I have had enough of this blasphemy!" 

The meeting ended and all three went back to their pastures.

The monkey was sleeping peacefully on a branch of his banana tree when he was jarred awake by a horrible crash. It seemed that a derelict sect of zebras calling themselves 'The Kakoran' had cut down the largest tree in the horse's pasture. The tree fell on hundreds of horses and donkeys killing or injuring them.

The monkey traveled to the Kakoran's lair and demanded he be told why this attack had happened.

"It was god's divine punishment for the horses believing in a false creator!" said the Zebra leader.


The monkey asked.

"You are all horses! Why kill each other over something that no one can know?"

The Zebra frowned and gave the monkey a judgmental scowl and asked,

"So what do you believe in Monkey?"

The monkey smiled and replied,

"I believe that bananas are good. I believe the sun rises every morning, and fresh air smells wonderful. I believe that we live in a beautiful pasture. I also believe that you should treat others the way that you would want them to treat you. That means not killing them my friend."

The Zebra roared,

"I believe you should get out of OUR pasture before I cut all of YOUR banana trees down!"

The monkey left quietly and quickly and headed for the horses pasture. The monkey feared that the horses would launch a counterstrike against the Zebras so he would have to convince the horse leader to handle this peacefully.

The monkey was seized as soon as he crossed the horse's border. He was searched thoroughly and all of his bananas were taken. Finally he was taken to the Horse leader.

"Why have you come to our land monkey? Don't you know after the tragedy of 5/16 we have very strict border laws?"

The horse said sternly to the now naked monkey.

"I apologize but I have just come from the Zebra's lair and I must ask you to please stop this madness. You are all horses, further bloodshed is not necessary",

The monkey pleaded. 

"Not necessary!?” The horse shouted.

“Those terrorists will pay for what they have done!"

It was then that the monkey noticed the prisoners that were being held. They were badly beaten and bloodied. They were zebras.

"Are these prisoners terrorists that you have caught?" 

The monkey asked.

The horse sighed and then said,

"No these zebras were born here in the horse pasture. We are interrogating them, and then they will be free to go home, under strict monitoring of course."

The monkey was shocked that they had treated even the zebras that were natives of this pasture with such brutality. Then a large explosion was heard.

"What in the world was that?" cried the monkey.

"That would be our counterstrike." said the horse.

"No! Have you all gone mad?" the monkey was now shaking.

Then a brown donkey stepped out of the crowd and yelled,

"I haven't! You've gone too far horse! My name is Obara and I am a donkey who believes that we should all come to peaceful resolution. I propose that I take over as leader of the horse pasture."

The horse laughed and said, "Obara?! A DONKEY? Lead the HORSE pasture? So you think you can be the leader our citizens donkey? Fine, Fine, let's take a vote shall we? Who would like Obara to be the new leader of our pasture?"

Every horse and donkey except for the leader raised their hoofs.

The monkey jumped up on a podium like rock and said,

"Then it is decided! Obara will lead the horses from this moment on!"

Obara stepped forward and proclaimed,

"Now let's get bring our stags home!"

The entire pasture cheered.

The monkey was given his belongings back and joined Obara at his side.

Obara, the monkey, and the rest of the horses traveled to the border of all pastures, stood on the highest rock, and gathered all of the equidae together.

There Obara spoke.

"Equidae of all creeds, colors, and beliefs!

I come before you not as a donkey, not as a horse or a zebra, but as an equidae, and an inhabitant of this pasture. I am here to say that it does not matter where you believe we came from, or where you believe we go after we die, but how we spend our time as we live. We are all horses. So now I give you all a choice.

Each time the leaders meet tragedy strikes. The first time separated the pastures. The second time started a war that should have never been waged.

This time must be different! This time we have a choice! Peace or War, unity or segregation, prosperity or destruction! We have a choice today! Join me in unifying all regions under one pasture!"

The majority of the pasture cheered and embraced the idea. The Kakoran were exiled, and for a while there was peace. Until one day a group of horses gathered together and began to preach a message of hate.

"Obara!? Sounds like a zebra name to me!" said one horse. 

"Everyone just be peaceful? Did he forget that once all of the donkeys were slaves?"

One donkey commented.

Another donkey joined,

"I can't just let that go! Somebody's gotta reimburse me for my ancestors struggle! Horses still look at me like I'm an inferior mammal sometimes. Stupid saddle backs!”

Another donkey added,

”He's more of a horse than a donkey if you ask me!”

“And what’s with him just forgiving the Zebra’s for attacking? If you ask me he’s a bit too friendly with those striped skins.” Another horse joined in.

Then a zebra joined,

“Striped skins? Man, you a racist!”

The other Equidae in the mob began to beat up the zebra and threw him back across the border that Obara had deemed unnecessary.

The mob of horses and donkeys banded together and assassinated Obara at a peace rally.

The monkey’s watched from their banana trees as the equidae murdered one another and the pasture tore itself apart in the chaos of war.

After the violence had subsided the monkey climbed down from his tree and began planting banana seeds over the entire pasture. Soon they grew and bared fruit.

The monkey looked around at his peaceful land where little monkey children played and adult monkeys swung from tree to tree. He had created nirvana from a battlefield.

It was then that the monkey climbed to the highest branch with a bushel of fresh bananas and said to him self,

”Fucking stupid ass horses. That’s fine, More bananas for me.”

And then he laughed and took a big bite of banana.




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